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The Glades has been cancelled

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    A&E has cancelled The Glades - there will be no season 5.
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    Well I think we all saw that coming, latest when the writers did the gamble to force the network by creating a cliff hanger, that has not worked for shows in a while. When the show time in the last episode ran out and it was clear that something major is going to happen to stop Jim to show up for his wedding, it was clear, there will not be a new season and when they left it with Jim's faith not clear I cursed the writers because they left us hanging.

    Sure the show has lost quality and viewers season to season (I just started watching Season 1/2 again) and in recent episodes all Jim did was to accuse person after person instead of doing detective work, it because repetitive but it was still good show to watch and take the mind of work.

    I'm going to miss the glades, maybe the writers will tell us who shot Jim, my money is on Ray's Mum because hat just makes sense.
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    [4]Sep 24, 2013
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    I don't think this comes as a surprise. It has been a weakening show for a while. But I was surprised that this cancellation wasn't even mentioned on the main page of Even the staff wasn't keeping track of this program, while they have already reported other summer shows that have been cancelled like King & Maxwell. I enjoyed the first two seasons, struggled through the third, and this summer recorded all but only watched a couple of them and wasn't impressed. But I wish the cast and crew the best, as they certainly aren't at fault for substandard writing. As the old saying goes, "If it's not on the page, it's not on the stage." Oh, well......

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    [5]Mar 29, 2014
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    Honestly I'm not surprised. The whole show had so many flaws it's a surprise it got this far. When you compare it to any other cop show you can see where problems were.

    Where were other detectives? Usually you have around 10 detectives per squad, forming 5 pairs. Now, you can say this was a small station but it had all other facilities like ME etc.

    Jim was a bad detective. Sorry, but it's true. He regularly dragged people from work for questioning and start accusing everybody even vaguely connected to the case of murder hoping something will stick. Only thing saving his ass was the fact that people talked to him, hoping to convince him they were innocent rather than say "You think I killed somebody? Get me a lawyer!" or "Unless you charge me with something I'm outta here."

    Whole investigation, if you can call it that, was formulaic. Somebody was killed, police started investigating, they thought person A killed them, turns out it wasn't them but it was person B, who police talked to in the beginning. In the end for wievers figuring out who did it was simply dismissing most likely suspect and figuring out who among those police talked to did it.

    This is not really a good time for cop shows, you get at least one new one each year and each tries to get some edge, something that will make it stand out and get renewed. And considering how many shows in past 5 or so years got axed, shows with better setting, writing and actors I was continually baffled at the fact that this show was being renewed time and time again.

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    Sad news, liked the different way this show had how he solved the cases.
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