The Glades

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 26, 2011 on A&E
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A stolen car and a body have Jim investigating some NASCAR drivers. After Ray is attacked, Callie must consider the option of witness protection.

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  • This series needs an entire overhaul...!

    I have been watching The Glades since it's first episode. It started off great but somewhere along the way, it lost something. Something big. With its great cast, how come it is floundering so badly? This show has a leading man who is being wasted by the writers! Matt Passmore is stunning and has star quality most shows would die for. Kiele Sanchez as Callie is perfect. What are the writers doing to them??? Nothing good.

    The series started with a great tension and chemistry between Jim and Callie. Then the writers took that away and gave Jim other femme fattales to play with - and turned formerly bright, funny and loving, Callie, into a sniveling, indecisive, jealous wife of the creep ex-con she's still married to. All that did was to confuse the heck out of the characters - and us! Bad move Glades writers.

    It got worse: then the writers decided to include Callie everywhere (in order to be with Jim more?) - so when he needed to investigate a horse farm, all of a sudden Callie was a riding and horse expert; when they investigated a treasure ship, Callie's "hobby" turned out to be treasure ships; this year when they made NASCAR the focus with actual drivers (always a fan draw), Jim and just about everyone in the cast could suddenly drive as well as Dale Earnhardt! Please. Writers. MY 10 year old niece could write this drivel. Don't insult us!

    Just look at the number of viewers and raters on alone - last year vs this year! They are dropping like bricks in a bucket of water! Myself included! I got better things to do & places to go!

    So much to fix! So little time! Don't waste this superb cast. Fix it - or let them go. They deserve much better than this - so do the viewers.moreless
Ashley Hinshaw

Ashley Hinshaw

Charlene Turner

Guest Star

Taylor Handley

Taylor Handley

Trey Lancer

Guest Star

Cameron Protzman

Cameron Protzman

Shaz Turner

Guest Star

Clayne Crawford

Clayne Crawford

Ray Cargill

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The bank robbery scene which is seen as surveillance footage was shot in an old, abandoned bank. The scene with the cars racing away from the robbery which is also seen as surveillance footage was shot using the same camera and on the same street where the bank was located. These scenes took about two hours to complete.

    • The scene where Jim jumps into the race car is actually two different cuts blended together. The first is the background action, which was filmed using an actual race car provided by the Richard Petty Driving Experience. The car followed a specialty vehicle called a Russian Arm. Matt Passmore (Jim Longworth) and Taylor Handley, who plays Trey, filmed the second part on a stage using a green screen. The two scenes were combined so that it looks as though the two actors are in a car driving together.

    • The transporter where Jim Longworth confronts Georgia was actually a 53-foot trailer with expandable sides. The platforms that were created were used as a stage. The show's Production Designer, Hugh D.G. Moody, and the set decoration department, led by Jeffrey Scott Taylor, turned it into a working NASCAR trailer lounge and office for the scene.

    • The scene with Ray and Jeff, after Ray was assaulted, was filmed at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, a popular recreational area. The park was named after a Chicago attorney, who in 1893 purchased 180 acres of land for a whopping $1 per acre. He then donated the land to the public and was eventually obtained by the state of Florida where it has been preserved as a park until this day.

    • The winding road where the police chase speed demon Chaz is in Markham Park located in Broward County, Florida. The park is named after resident William Markham, a longtime property appraiser.

    • The Homestead Motorsports Speedway played an important role as the background for the episode where the cast and crew spent two days filming. NASCAR and the Richard Petty Racing Experience provided the show the use of their team cars as background and the show's decorating department reproduced the set to look like working garages.

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