The Glades

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2010 on A&E

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  • It has potential

    I'm always surprised how people can totally dismiss a new show after one episode. I think this show has potential although I may be biased as I love Matt Passmore. It's good to see the show daring to use a relatively unknown actor in the States (although well-known in Australia) for a lead role like this. People are already comparing it to House which I think is totally untrue. I find House annoying, with his everlasting painkiller addiction, blah blah, this is just a cop who investigates in his own way instead of sticking to protocol. What I didn't like about the pilot was the fact that Jim manages to know where the nurse lives without having to ask for her address. These things always bug me as much as continuity mistakes.
  • As annoying a character as House, but without being funny.

    By the end of this show I wanted the killer to shoot the star when he pointed his gun at him. That should tell you something about how truly irritating he was. I get the impression someone wanted to create a show like House - a brilliant yet antisocial star with irritating habits who solves mysteries, although these are the more usual criminal mysteries rather than medical. The problem is that while House (the character and the show) is funny and entertaining enough to allow the audience to overlook his manifold flaws long enough to love the character, this "hero" is not. He is simply annoying and irritating, and upon learning that he is responsible for driving a man to murder, however indirectly, does he feel a smidgeon of guilt? No he goes back to his golf game. At least he doesn't win, but it still would have been far more satisfying if he had been shot.
  • This show reminds me of a cop version of house! I enjoyed the humor and especially the sarcasm with a touch of charm.

    I found this pilot quite different from most cop shows. The sarcastic humor of our lead character adds a unique flavor to the show which is refreshingly different from the myriad of cop shows that are out there and are all so alike. I enjoyed the twist as to who the killer turned out to be. There was never a clue until the end, making it quite refreshing to not know exactly what is going to happen until the end. (SPOILER ALERT) The reason the the partner to kill his wife was a little lame but it was a surprise. Despite our lead characters desire to be hated, he handled the young boy so well, showing the endearing character under the mask he has created for himself, just like "HOUSE".
  • Bad pilot, and I'll not check back.

    If it wasn't for a couple of good guest stars and supporting roles, this pilot would have been awful. The location doesn't give much, the lead character is a cliched schmuck I really wouldn't mind getting killed of in the pilot episode. He lacks in charm what the script must have portrayed him. A sad state of affair for the lead.

    The opening case is also weak. It's predictable and doesn't manage to help developing our knowledge of the characters.

    And the golfing. Come on. Too much, way too much. The fast paced romance interest was annoying as well. I mean. The actress playing her, and the character it self, was quite interesting, but the script was desperate to get that story line going way too fast.