The Glades

Season 3 Episode 7

Public Enemy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2012 on A&E

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  • A Good Prospect of for an episode with disappointing results

    I love the Glades and whle at tmes the writing can be tedious the episodes are still pulled off great by the actors of the show. I was disappointed in the episode. Every female character appeared to be scared, thrown under the bus etc.. Which is annoying epecially the Bureau Chief. Seriously, she ws afraid of the little dude? Most law enforcement including women officers probably would have done what Jim did or attempted to do. I couldn't stand the Bureau Chief in this episode, If I were Bureau Chief I would have been pounding the bleep out of the people instead of idling sitting back. Then it also made me suspcious of her as well as in maybe she is a souvergn or something. Just something does not bode well with her. A county office worker can afford a Marc Jacobs bag? Please in her dreams. Connie I liked mostly ecus she was extemely detailed oriented and made me laugh and feel for Daniel trying to go through all the boxes and decipher them. Hmm if the complaints are recorded and in record then someone had to record them and make them legal? jump much who that could be? As a worker I also know re are deadlines for everything and if the deadline is passed or not recorded ontime then things become invalidated and yet in this episode those types of boundaries, rules seemed not to apply to everything especially a lien and one cannot put a lien on a person's house w/o ust cause like not making a paymet to a contractor that is due. TA lien is used on a house to gain payment and one cannot put a lien on a house willynilly. If someone does then get a awyer because you will need one to fight it especially if the lien is recorded and not thoroughly checked by a county office recorder.