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  • The Glades

    I LOVE IT! I cant believe they cancelled it!! Netflix should pick it up and make at least a 5th season,
  • Land Ho orhe Glades

    I watched and bought all four seasons but to leaves us dangling with Jim trying to reach for his phone is not just right. Please finish it up so we can realize what may have happened.
  • not pleased with A&E

    I am so bummed about the show being taken off the air. I have been watching it again on netflix and absolutely love that show. I know it's been a couple years but they could bring it back on. Have it pick up like Jim has been in a coma or something. I don't know but I wish networks that put a show on like that for that many years and just end it don't really consider the everyday people. I actually stopped watching A&E after I found out that the show wasn't coming back on.
  • A&E Stupid, for cutting some great shows!!!!!

    I loved Matt!!!!! The Glades was awesome but I will not lower my standards and watch the Satisfaction!!! Do we not have enough people in this country that do not value marriage??????
  • Glades who killed jim Longwort

    If you pay close attention to Rays mom and her last words to jeff. She shot him. She knew about Callies dream house because of her and Rays past.
  • Glades

    Bring back the TV show The Glades. At least to finish it properly!!!! Please!!!! Don"t leave us hangin'.
  • @DeadheadDan

    Was with you until you put The Mentalist in the same breath as Breaking Bad and the Shield. WTF? That whole protracted Red John nonsense - let alone the crap the show has become since (Whats-her-name, you don't just become an FBI agent without going through a year at Quantico regardless of your previous career!!!) - puts Mentalist exactly in the same category as Glades and Burn Notice!
  • Show was ok but too many problems

    Ok, some people here need to expand their tv horizons if you think Glades is so great with writing, acting, plots, etc. go watch Wire, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Ray Donovan, Mentalist, The Shield, et al if you want true greatness. I started watching on Netflix and I'm about to quit on it season 2 ep 05ish. I think Jim is decent enough but I just cannot stand Callie and her being crow barred into every even working cases with Jim as a forensic nurse?! She tells him she wants time away from him when her husband returns then berates him the next episode when his partner from Chicago comes down. On like her first day as a a low level asst she is somehow responsible for telling a mom her baby is missing but "not to worry cuz WE are looking for him"... Bad actress, bad character--no wonder she was killed off Lost due to fans hating her character. Jim is a pussyfoot around her; Carlo is weak and is anyone really buying the woman who plays the police Chief?! Check out Life, Following or Guardian on Netflix for better quality. Her husband is actually one of the better characters and actors. And what's with the sons hair loaf??

  • The Glades

    I was so looking forward to THE GLADES this summer. I was devasted that it was cancelled. I have watched Matt's new show and I hate it. I will not be following it. I loved him as Jim in THE GLADES.

    I am really disappointed with A&E. I also really enjoyed ALL the other characters. You had such a winning team there. How could you cancel it?
  • A&E Sucks

    I realise I am a little late to the party but I only just started watching Glades this year, after it was cancelled. I have really enjoyed the show and can't believe it ended like that. At least give us a Glades Special just to wrap things up. Callie and Carlos save Jim. FDLE catches the shooter. Jim and Callie get their wedding and most importantly all the Glades fans live happily ever after!!!!

  • Trust me - I know what I'm doing!

    (worst series ending since Sledge Hammer)

    One of the few shows I watched in real time (most get recorded for later binge-watching IF they survive a season). Not too deep or dark - it would have been a perfect fit on USA (and maybe still could be - Satisfaction and several other USA shows are clearly "on the cusp" so could be some holes to fill)...
  • The Glades

    With all the junk reality shows, I can't believe you would cancel a really good show like The Glades. Excellent plots, clever writing, super chemistry between characters. Who is making these stupid choices?
  • The Glades

    I can't believe you're going to end this show. I love it. I love the characters. A little bit of everything, comedy, romance, excitement. I know eventually you will bring it back. Can't wait!!!!
  • Please bring it back

    I have loved watching The Glades. I really do want to see what happens with Jim and Callie. Please continue the series for one more season.
  • Glades

    Why would a network be so stupid to cancel one of its best shows. I have watched Glades from the very beginning have been looking forward to watching it all year. I truly hope USA or Fox or another network picks it up. Truly a ratings winner. I and 2.5 million people will be waiting for its return. A&E this was a true blunder on your part.
  • Excellent show, horrible network

    I can't believe they cancelled one of the better shows on the air, and keep all the "reality" ones instead. BIG mistake. A&E just lost a loyal viewer.
  • WHY?????????

    Why would you cancel a popular show like this. I loved watching A&E, thought it was a great station, Fell in love with THE GLADES from the very first show. I promise you tho, if THE GLADES does not come back with Session 5, and let us the loyal fans know what happened to Jim, ETC I will no longer watch your station and I promise that there are millions of other fans that will feel and do the same.

  • This is stupid

    this is very stupid to leave this show like that. t least make one or two final series for fans who like this show.
  • What the HELL

    There is no way you can leave the show like that, Does Jim Die or not, does he an Cali get married, I know for me I never missed an episode and couldn't wait till they got married, Please bring the show back, even if its just a conclusion episode, all the fans have a right to know !!!!!!!!
  • protest on cancelling

    This is such a great show, murder, mystery, romance. The cast are great together. it's such a shame you guys always cancel great shows like this one among others. Maybe if the producers see how much the fans miss the show that they will bring it back!!

  • a bit funny. a bit clever. but try something else

    very mild. nothing too bad, nothing too good. enjoyable for a while. until you start feeling like you want to kill that arrogant ADHD ass that is the main character. God help any of you that have to deal with a real life person like that. It was funny for a while, but it gets really tiresome and un-funny next, till the end. deleted the last season without watching. see it only if you saw all that is out there and have nothing better to do!

    After reading the other comments I remembered more issues with this one and amended my rating:

    - the relationship part - too much , way too much, importance in the show after the first seasons. It was a bad distraction.

    - the actress - I actually liked her and I think she is ok. the problem came 100% from the writers. All that bull*** came from the script. that role was only just pushed there by the writers.

    this all show failed because of bad writing - coming from writers or from the smart head giving them directions. sad. first season was really smart and funny!
  • Cliffhanger? Why?

    Why do these knuckleheads wait until after the season finale to cancel the show? Don't you owe it to the 2-3 million fans to at least let them have a series-ending final show? DUH! The main reason I got interested in Longmire (which I love!) was because it was on after the 'Glades. I probably would never have watched it otherwise.
  • Fun, light detective show

    I try and check out every new show as it comes out, and I really have no idea how I completely missed The Glades, which I never heard of until now, after it's been going for several years and apparently has just been cancelled.

    This is exactly the kind of show I enjoy, a light, breezy crime drama with a mix of humor and murder. Neither as funny nor broadly silly as Psyche, it still has an enjoyable sense of irreverence. It's also pretty ridiculous, especially the part where he confronts the killer at the end of each episode. But it's fun.

    While fans are undoubtedly sad it is gone, I am in the enviable position of having several seasons ahead of me. I hope it continues to be as good as it's been for the first few episodes.
  • poor ending

    the way it ended sucks after all that lets shoot him at the end on his wedding day thats the way to go grrrrr not impressed

    With 3.4 MILLION VIEWERS A&E's management decides to cancel "The Glades".

    UPPER MANAGEMENT SHOULD BE DISSOLVED !!! Really ? They must give those positions to, well, just ANYBODY ! You can't even wonder WHAT they were thinking when they made this foolish decision because they OBVIOUSLY WEREN'T EVEN THINKING AT ALL. Nice to know that A&E values those 3.4 MILLION VIEWERS so highly. PLEASE SIGN THESE PETITIONS TO SAVE THE GLADES 4drduelly/please-save-the-glades/
  • Great show minus Callie

    This show would get a solid 8 if not for the annoying and irrelevant Callie character. Nasally and needy, she's a distraction from the plot. If she's back in S3, then we'll seriously consider not watching. Jim's engaging, and Carlos is a great offsider. The lady from Law & Order is a great boss; and this could be a top notch show - just recast Callie or bring back that detective from Chicago and we're good to go!!

    Hopefully Season 3 will be better than season 2...

    Edit: Not better - worse. That useless callie is back, and more nasally annoying than ever. Dropped my rating down due to her. Bummer

    Another Edit: died an unnatural death. The nasally Callie tolled the death knell to this show. S04 had more personal rubbish, and this coupled with predictable and boring writing dug this show's grave and pushed it in. Too bad - this should could have been OK with some casting changes and better writing.
  • Yay! A win for a better show in this slot.

    Thanks A&E. I could not understand why this show kept going. Matt Passmore is a good actor and really deserves a better vehicle than this. The rest were crap. Kiele Sanchez .... really? Let's hope they find him something with bite. I'll watch it. But not this rubbish. Sorry to the fans out there. It's only opinion and you'll live.
  • WTF A&E!

    Of all the idiotic things A&E has done, this has got to be it!
  • Seriously?

    Is it just me or is it absolute cruelty to end the show with such a cliffhanger?
  • You have got to be kidding me!

    This show is as witty and interesting as Longmeir, which I also love, and in my opinion, must better than Motive which is not being cancelled.. Please, you must not cancel it. Perhaps the time slot should be changed or something but the show is one of the best out there.