The Glades - Season 3

A&E (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Endless Summer
    Episode 10

    While Callie is taking her board exams, Jim investigates the murder of a woman who was about to offer an endorsement for her new surf clothing line to a local surfing champion. Jim is becoming annoyed over Callie's lack of contact so Jennifer attempts to cheer him up. With Callie in Atlanta and their future together uncertain, Jim has to make a decision about his relationship with Callie.

  • Islandia
    Episode 9

    As Longworth and Jennifer investigate the murder of a state lottery winner on Islandia, a 12 year old feud between the victim and the island's only resident comes to light. Miranda takes Callie to a medical sales mixer. Jim is finding it increasingly difficult to get a hold of Callie in Atlanta.

  • Fountain of Youth
    Episode 8

    Longworth and Jennifer investigate the murder of the co-owner of a luxury medical spa. Callie is busy studying and getting ready to testify against Elkins. And while her life in Atlanta is looking up, her house in Palm Glades is falling apart.

  • Public Enemy
    Episode 7

    While investigating a murder, Longworth and Jennifer come head to head with the bizarre anti-government group Sovereign Citizens. This same group then gets Manus and Carlos suspended from duty. Callie searches frantically for her old cell phone with the recording of Elkins' blackmail scheme.

  • Old Times
    Episode 6

    Jim is forced to work with his former FDLE partner, convicted murderer Mike Ogletree, when a woman who came forward to clear a death row inmate is murdered. Florida's Attorney General has decided to go after the IRS agent who handled Callie's audit and they want her testimony. Although Callie is reluctant to take time off from work, she gets some supportive help from Miranda.

  • Food Fight
    Episode 5

    Jim's investigation into the death of his favorite food truck's owner puts him in the middle of a political battle. Jennifer takes a special and intrusive interest in Jim's cases. Callie's not having much luck dealing with Miranda's hostility.

  • The Naked Truth
    Episode 4

    A conflict between a nudist colony and some condo developers catch Jim's attention. After interviews with his co-workers, Jennifer takes a personal interest in Jim.

  • 6/17/12

    Callie makes her move to Atlanta with Jim's help. Carlos' guest autopsy for a forensics class turns into a murder investigation. Manus gets a visit from FDLE Bureau Chief Jennifer Starke. Callie is having a difficult time with new boss, Dr. Miranda Buckley.

  • Poseidon Adventure
    Episode 2

    A love triangle and a hip-hop mogul promoting a mermaid show are tied to the murder of a synchronized swimmer who washes ashore. Callie's best opportunity for a job might just be the one she turned down in Atlanta.

  • Close Encounters
    Episode 1

    Jim's investigation into a millionaire's death butts head with the UFO group that inherited the dead man's money – they insist it was an alien abduction. Callie's isn't having much luck finding a job in Palm Glades but her relationship with Jim is heating up.