The Glades

Season 4 Episode 13

Tin Cup

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2013 on A&E

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  • Jim's Last Hurrah (we hope!)

    A body on a crazy golf course; a golf hustler/swindler. The wedding was about to happen. Jim busted a guy he helped to swindle out of 30 bucks, so another false-arrest lawsuit for the county. Then he harassed the guy's wife. Another false arrest: the guy running the golf course. Then he falsely arrested his first victim's wife.

    The handcuffs went on the golf course guy for a second time, then the first victim again. The county will never be able to afford all the legal actions. Instead of going to the wedding, Jim started messing about at the house he'd just bought. Hooray!! Someone filled him full of lead there. So a million suspects.
  • What?

    I was expecting a happy wedding since this was the last episode... well, shame on me. Now I am confused and unhappy. Thanks a lot A and E for leaving a big question mark. Seriously? Really?
  • Who did he call out too

    Jim calls out a name at the sound of the second cell phone.

    I heard "Claire" is that the real eastate agents name?
  • damn it!

    Such a shocking finale! Why did they had to cancel this show?

    It's a damn shame!!
  • Cancelled!!? You can't do that!!!

    I just finished watching the last Episode, shocked that Jim got shot! Thinking about the shooter. They made us think that it is Ray, but I don't think so. My guess is Tony the Federal guy, he knows the adress.

    And now it is cancelled!!! That's not . to the fans. Shame on you. Today it's all about ratings and money, no more fun. But you know what, go ahead with that I sell my TV and have fun otherwise! I'm very disappointed of such endings. Greetings from Germany.
  • Not the best show ever but certainly deserving of a decent ending to the series!!! Especially after four seasons!

    OK, I've been following this show since the beginning and have really enjoyed it. I found Jim pretty annoying this last season though, his swagger and cockiness and absolutely ridiculously rude approach to detective work I think got to be over the top. But overall, I still enjoyed the show and did find Jim entertaining and I wanted to see where it all went. I wouldn't mind if the show was ended, but seriously A&E, give it a proper SERIES FINALE! Don't end the show on a season finale cliffhanger! That's just so frustrating and truly disrespectful to those of us who have followed it for four seasons. Give it a couple episodes to wrap things up. That really should be a standard practice, not this cutting things off on cliffhangers bull$hit. I'm really sick of getting into shows, being loyal to them and then having them just abruptly cancelled, no warning, no closure, just done. It makes me hesitant to try out new shows.
  • Sucks A&E Cancelled the Show

    I really enjoyed this show. A&E cancelled the show which sucks. Ep 13 received highest ratings of the season. I think the mother-in-law shot Jim which is why she wasn't attending the wedding. I think A&E should bring it back, for a 5th short season, to properly close it. Us loyal fans, who have watched for 4 seasons, deserve that much. Anybody have any ideas how we could persuade them? What show was it the fans sent "Nuts" to the network and they brought it back?
  • fun...

    Wow! If you don't like the show, why watch it? lol

    I was shocked when Jim got shot. I figured he'd be late to the wedding, but didn't expect that!

    I'm seriously hoping they don't make it Ray, as yes, that would be somewhat to mention, hard on the son.

    Can't wait 'til next season to see what happens next!
  • looking forward to the next season

    So the show finaly turns grimm. looking forward to the new dynamic next year.
  • I mean come on people

    Please! It was a complete build up to this episode since we heard that Ray skipped out. It was so freaking predictable that we wouldn't see his wedding and that something bad was gonna happen to Jim. Its a cliche that I have seen so many times I can recognize it on principle. After this is still gonna be a cliche that 'yes, ray will be the one to shoot him' but most likely we will automatically assume its him when its someone completely else like the Marshal that has some unknown grudge against Jim. Either way its still kinda old
  • a hole in one chest

    As usual, the detective is so full of himself, he thinks he can do everything.