The Glass House

Monday 10:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jun 18, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • ABC Please cancel this horrible show!

    ABC, please do the television watching public in this country a favor and cancel this show as it's been a joke. Granted, most reality shows are a joke, but this one tops the cake.

    The equivalent or higher ratings would likely be received by airing nothing but dead air. If somebody who sees this message knows an ABC executive, please wake them up now!

    The ABC executives should cancel this show right now, and a live cancellation special episode should air opposite of the Big Brother 14 season premier at 9 PM this Thursday.

    That's when the house guests of this glass Titanic doomed show are told live the show is a cancelled disaster and they need to leave immediately, which should improve ratings.

    Of course the Big Brother 14 premier will stomp the live Glass House cancellation special in ratings, but at least ABC may be able to steal a fraction of rating point or two in the process.