The Glass House

Monday 10:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jun 18, 2012 Between Seasons


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    I gave this show a fair shot; I put in my votes, I watched the live feeds, and I saw every single episode up until now. It just didn't deliver. Most of those who are watching average an age of 13-16 yo and they post the most ridiculous things on the chat board. The contestants are rather dull and unresponsive to the minimal amount of influence the voters really have. There is a question that is asked and you have 2 options that are given. So it's anyone's guess if ABC really follows what we even select or if it is already decided. The live feed ruin the surprise of which contestant came back from limbo because the show hasn't even aired yet. Which only makes me wonder why anyone would bother watching the show when the live feed reveals so much. BB is set apart because of the living voting. EVERYone is surprised and equally shocked. They make you WANT to tune in every week. Alex, Kevin, and Holly are the only ones I have even found remotely interesting on the show but the viewers believe they showed vote for the one who has the biggest sob story. Annoying. We all have hardships and for a game that was created to where I can vote in accordance to MY entertainment, I don't need gays and Christians signing on ruining it all because they want to "make a statement" and vote to keep around the two most ridiculous people in the house. I seriously hope this show is cancelled to keep personal agendas at bay. Shows like Survivor and BB make it to so many seasons because they know WHEN to let viewers vote and truth be know the majority LOVE intrigue and scandal. I don't wanna tune in to watch political propaganda. This isn't CNN.
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