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ABC1 (ended 2006)


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  • the Glasshouse is, or rather was, a great show. perhaps not as good as it used to be, but the great guests every week more than made up for that.

    The Glasshouse was a panel comedy/talk show, hosted by comedians Wil ANderson, Corinne Grant, and crowd favourite Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes.
    It really was a brilliant show, although perhaps a little past its prime. the weekly guests, prominent australian actors, comedians, personalities, and even politicians, made it well worth watching.
    the hosts were well at ease on air, excepting perhaps hughesy's ad-libbed starting monologue. its mix of current affairs and ridiculous humour were great.
    especially good episodes are those featuring fiona o'loughlin, pinky beecroft, that irish comedian who complains about his wife, liz ellis, senator natasha stott-despoja, the middle aged woman who was a sex therapist, adam spencer, akmal saleh and rhys muldoon.

    the special melbourne international comedy festival episodes were especially good, filmed in the melbourne town hall. particularly memorable is the time that one guest got out his scrotum when playing an improv game of table tennis across the boomerang shaped desk.

    a highlight of the show was when hughesy would don a hat and play the part of a newsmaker of the week, answering questions from the panel. examples are the time he was a gay ram, britney spears, and others.

    unfortunately the glasshouse was axed, probably motivated by the dislike the government had of it, but on the upside the last five or so episodes were by far the funniest for years, with the hosts and guests holding nothing back, making fun of the government and commercial tv personalities.

    so summing it up, and not just prattling on, if you have the chance of grabbing the dvds, or watching reruns on ABC2, then take it. sometimes it takes a while to get into, but it really is a quality programme.