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  • ♫♪Not as bad as I expected it would be♫♪ (*Year 1 spoilers)


    The show itself was a cash-grab and it still seems wrong that there were 40,000 auditions for a 7-episode appearance, while people who get casted for the series didn't have to do nearly the same amount of work (even though they're all professionalactors or singers). The challenges were interesting after the first two episodes. I'm still unsure whether I liked the "Callback List" concept. It's realistic, but I think that the kids deserve to be told to their face the results. Ryan Murphy is quite an a**, as the world already knows, and I was surprised by his acts of kindness. I was very upset about what the decided goal for the show was. Instead of trying to find a great singer and actor, they wanted to find a great character, ready to riskmeiocre singing and acting skills. (Why didn't they cast for 'characters' then?!) This led to the illogical order that some people were eliminated. Several times, great singers/actors were eliminated while the ones who have been struggling or are just plain annoying stayed. Ex. Emilyand especiallyMarissa (who SHOULD NOT have been eliminated for one bad week when Alex, Cameron, and Damian were saved countless times). I was upset at how they portrayed Lindsay. Sure she wasn't being the kindest person ever, but it was wrong for them to continually place her as a bad person when she isn't in real life. I was sad to see Cameron go, but I don't think he would have had a great time with the pressure he'd be under. I was okay with Damian winning, even though he was in the bottom 3 many times. Lindsay should have beenthe co-winner because honestly, she was the only one of the whole group (final 4) who had what it takes to be there. I'm glad she gotappearances in 2 episodes.Samuel was okay, but I didn't really care for him, and I don't like that he was the co-winner. I'm mad that Alex won even asmall role. He is Kurt+Mercedes, and we don't need any more diva. I know he's had a tough life, but I don't like his attitude and his voice could shatter a mirror (in a bad way). I thought there were too many winners, especially when it's senior year for most of theGlee club(as in the last year for the respective cast members). I don't want too much time taken away from them for storylines for the winners.

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