The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour - Season 3

CBS (ended 1972)


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Episode Guide

  • April 4, 1971
    April 4, 1971
    Episode 26
    Glen's guests are Joey Bishop, Anne Murray, Al DeLory, Mel Tillis, Dorsey Burnette and Gordon Terry.
  • March 28, 1971
    March 28, 1971
    Episode 25
    Glen's guests are Bobby Goldsboro, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Paul Lynde.

    Musical Highlights: Glen sings "Where or When", "Ann", "And I Love Her", & "Try To Remember". Bobby sings "Watching Scotty Grow". Bobby Goldsboro & Glen do a medley of Bobby's Hits ("Honey", "I'm A Drifter", "The Straight Life"). The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band perform "Mr. Bojangles". Larry McNeeley performs "If You Got To Go, Go Now" on Banjo.moreless
  • March 21, 1971
    March 21, 1971
    Episode 24
    Glen's guests are Burl Ives, Anne Murray and Don Rickles.

    Musical Highlights: Burl Ives sings "Time". Burl Ives and Glen duet on "Blue-Tail Fly", "Foggy, Foggy Dew" and "The Fox". Anne Murray sings "I'll Never Fall in Love Again". Glen sings"It's Only Make Believe", "Devil Woman", "Danny Boy" & "Everybody Loves My Baby".moreless
  • March 7, 1971
    March 7, 1971
    Episode 23
    Glen's guests are David Steinberg, Vikki Carr, Seals & Crofts, Mel Tillis and Shecky Greene.

    Musical Highlights: Glen sings "Theme from "Love Story", "Dream Baby" & "Together Again". Vikki Carr & Glen duet on "El Condor Pasa".
  • February 28, 1971
    February 28, 1971
    Episode 22
    Glen's guests are Andy Griffith, Bobby Vinton, Anne Murray and Shecky Greene. Also starring Jerry Reed and Larry McNeeley.

    Musical Highlights: Glen sings "Daydream", "There Goes My Everything" & "Help Me Make It Through The Night". Bobby Vinton sings "It's Impossible". Jerry Reed, Anne Murray & Glen perform "You're My Sugar". Bobby & Glen do a medley of Bobby's hits: "Blue Velvet", "Roses Are Red", "Blue on Blue", "Take Good Care of My Baby" & "Please Love Me Forever". Anne Murray sings "A Stranger in My Place". Jerry Reed & Glen duet on "Bowling Green". Larry McNeeley performs "Black Room".moreless
  • February 21, 1971
    February 21, 1971
    Episode 21
    Glen's guests are The Osmonds, Raymond Burr, Larry Storch and Susan Raye. Plus regulars Larry McNeeley and the Marty Paich Orchestra.

    Musical Highlights: The Osmonds perform "One Bad Apple". The Osmonds & Glen perform "Put Your Hand In The Hand". Susan Raye sings "Los Angeles International Airport". Glen sings "The Look Of Love", "I Really Don't Want To Know", "Everybody's Talkin", "One Pair Of Hands" & "White Lightnin'". Larry McNeeley performs "Banjo Rock".moreless
  • February 7, 1971
    February 7, 1971
    Episode 20
    Glen's guests are Dionne Warwick, Mac Davis, Buddy Hackett and Norm Crosby.

    Musical Highlights: Dionne Warwick sings "Close to You" & "Promises Promises". Mac Davis sings "I'm Beginning to Feel the Pain". Glen sings "What Now My Love?" & "The Shadow of Your Smile". Glen & Dionne duet on "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" & "I Say a Little Prayer".

    Comedy Sketches: Buddy as a sunning competitor in a golf match; and as Bullets Bernie, a Bronx-accented Western villain. In a serious moment, Buddy reads an original poem titled "Generation Gap".moreless
  • January 30, 1971
    January 30, 1971
    Episode 19
    Glen's guests are Jimmy Dean, Paul Lynde, Sunday's Child, Albert Brooks and the Ray Charles Singers. Also appearing Jerry Reed and Larry McNeeley.

    Musical Highlights: Sunday's Child perform "Watch What Happens". Sunday's Child & Glen Campbell perform "Get Ready". Jimmy Dean sings "Columbus Stockade Blues". Glen sings "What a Difference a Day Makes", "Friendly Persuasion" & "Cold December". Jimmy Dean & Glen duet on "When Payday Rolls Around". Jerry Reed & Glen duet on "Night Train to Memphis". Comedy Sketches: At a winter resort, Jimmy Dean & Glen try to impress girls with tales of their skiing prowess. A western sketch with Paul Lynde as the heavy. The Sandman (Paul Lynde) goes to work on Glen's insomnia.moreless
  • January 24, 1971
    January 24, 1971
    Episode 18
    Glen's guests are Sonny & Cher, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, John Byner, Jerry Reed, R.G. Brown and Mel Tillis.

    Musical Highlights: Sonny and Cher sing "We Can Work It Out". The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band perform "Mr. Bojangles" and "Alligator Man".
  • January 17, 1971
    January 17, 1971
    Episode 17
    Glen's guests are Tennessee Ernie Ford, Phil Silvers and Susan Raye. Also appearing Jerry Reed and John Hartford.

    Musical Highlights: Glen sings "I Can Unwind", "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" & "Since I Fell For You". Tennessee Ernie Ford sings "Everything Is Beautiful". Larry McNeeley performs "No Time Blues". Jerry Reed & Glen duet on "John Hardy".

    Comedy Sketches: Phil Silvers plays a wine steward who throws a wet towel on a romance and also, a movie moguel directing an egomaniacal star (played by Glen).moreless
  • January 10, 1971
    January 10, 1971
    Episode 16
    Glen's guests are Neil Diamond, Linda Ronstadt, Liberace and Larry Storch

    Musical Highlights: Neil Diamond sings "Soolaimon". Linda sings, "Long Long Time" & "Carolina In My Mind". Neil, Linda, Glen do a medley of Neil Diamond Hits. Glen sings "Hello Young Lovers", "Barbara Allen" & "Wayfarin' Stranger". Liberace performs "Aquarius & Let The Sunshine In".

    Comedy Sketches: Sketches feature Liberace as a fancy British sea captain of the 1700's, also Liberace breaking his piano. Larry Storch as a zany caterer.moreless
  • January 3, 1971
    January 3, 1971
    Episode 15
    Glen's guests are B.J. Thomas, Dottie West, Paul Lynde and Jud Strunk. Plus regulars: Larry McNeeley, Jerry Reed and the Marty Paich Orchestra.

    Musical Highlights: Dottie West sings "Forever Yours". B.J. Thomas sings, "Most of All". Glen sings "Green, Green", "Here Comes My Baby Back Again", "Michelle" & "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me". B.J. Thomas & Glen duet on "Mr. Businessman". Larry McNeeley performs "Beth". Glen & Jerry Reed do "Son Of A Sawmill Man". Glen & Dottie West duet on "Rocky Top" & "Country Girl".

    Comedy Sketches: Paul plays a tipsy surgeon and a detective a la Sherlock Holmes.

  • December 20, 1970
    December 20, 1970
    Episode 14
    *Christmas Show*

    Glen's guests are George Gobel, Anne Murray, Shecky Greene and Glen's parents and sisters.

    Musical Highlights: Anne Murray sings "Christmas Wishes". Glen sings "The Christmas Song" & "There's No Place Like Home". Glen's Parents perform "Cryin' Time". Glen's Sisters sing"Till There Was You". Mel Tillis sings "Detroit City". Glen & Anne duet on "Winter Wonderland". Glen & his Sisters perform "Mister Lee". Glen & the Children sing "Deck the Halls". Glen & Shecky duet on "Jingle Bells".moreless
  • December 13, 1970
    December 13, 1970
    Episode 13
    Glen's guests are Ray Charles, Norm Crosby, Wally Cox and Anne Murray. Plus regulars: Jerry Reed, Larry McNeeley, Marty Paich Orchestra.

    Musical Highlights: Ray Charles sings "Yesterday" & "America The Beautiful". Glen sings "Endlessly", "Alabam" & "Reason To Believe". Anne Murray sings "Put Your Hand in the Hand". Ray, Anne & Glen do a medley Of Ray Charles Hits.

    Comedy Sketches: Norm, a master of malapropism, gives Glen advice on repairing a car; Wally plays a boxing champ and a fearsome desert sheik.moreless
  • December 6, 1970
    December 6, 1970
    Episode 12
    Glen's guests are Walter Brennan, Larry Storch and Thelma Houston. Plus regular Jerry Reed.

    Musical Highlights: Thelma Houston sings "This Is Your Life". Glen & Thelma duet on "Oh Happy Day". Walter Brennan sings "Mama Sang a Song". Glen sings "Good Day Sunshine", "Here We Go Again", "You're Young & You'll Forget, Something". Jerry Reed sings "You Take All the Ramblin' Outta Me". Glen & Jerry duet on "Foggy Mountain Breakdown". Glen & the dancers perform "Walk Don't Run".

    Comedy Sketches: Glen swaps down-home tales with Walter, gets travel advice from Larry and joins in a sketch about frontiersmen with nothing to eat but garlic.moreless
  • November 29, 1970
    November 29, 1970
    Episode 11
    Glen's guests are George Gobel, Alan Sues, Sonny James and the Ray Charles Singers. Also appearing are Jerry Reed and Larry McNeeley.

    Musical Highlights: Sonny James sings "Born To Lose". Glen sings "Don't Let Go", "Kentucky Means Paradise", "Five Hundred Miles", "25 or Six to Four" & "Shenandoah". Glen & Sonny duet on "Milk Cow Blues". Glen & the Ray Charles Singers perform "Hey Look Me Over", "Both Sides Now" & "Save The Country".

    Concert Spot: Glen, Sonny, Jerry & Larry perform "Uncle Penn".

    Comedy Sketches: Bachelors Annoymous - Member Alan tries to save Glen from marriage. George reminisces about his first date.moreless
  • November 22, 1970
    November 22, 1970
    Episode 10
    Glen's guests are Eddy Arnold, Shecky Greene, Don Rice (III) and Sunday's Child (All Girl Rock Band). Also appearing are Jerry Reed and Larry McNeeley.

    Musical Highlights: Sunday's Child perform "Feelin' Good". Glen & Sunday's Child perform "Oh, What A Women". Glen sings "There's A Kind Of Hush", "People", "Just One Time" & "Bless This House". Eddy Arnold sings "From Heaven to Heartache". Glen & Eddy Arnold duet on "Just a Little Lovin", ""Bouquet Of Roses", "Cattle Call" & "Anytime". Larry McNeeley performs "Sailor's Hornpipe". Glen & Jerry Reed duet on "Fallin'". Shecky Greene does "Sunrise, Sunset".

    Comedy Sketches: Don Rice III jibes contemporary problems. Shecky Green plays it straight with a song, and joins Glen and Eddy in an operatic spoof.moreless
  • November 15, 1970
    November 15, 1970
    Episode 9
    Glen's guests are Dean Martin, Anne Murray, Jerry Reed and John Byner. Also appearing Larry McNeeley.

    Musical Highlights: Anne Murray sings "Just Bidin' My Time" & "Sing High, Sing Low". Glen & Anne duet on "Till I Kissed You". Jerry Reed sings "Are You From Dixie?". Glen & Jerry Reed duet on "Talk About The Goodtimes". Glen sings "For The Good Times", "Once In A Lifetime", "All My Hard Times", "Some Happiness On Me", "Old Yellow Line" & "I Walk The Line". Larry McNeeley performs "She's A Woman". Glen & Dean Martin do a Country Medley.

    Comedy Sketches: Dean dreams he's switched personalities with Glen.moreless
  • November 8, 1970
    November 8, 1970
    Episode 8
    Glen's guests are Tom Jones, Paul Lynde and Karen Wyman.

    Musical Highlights: Glen sings "Tonight", "Pave Your Way Into Tomorrow" & "Fire & Rain". Tom Jones sings "Can't Stop Lovin" & "Get Ready". Glen & Tom duet on "All Through The Night" and a Rock & Roll Medley. Karen Wyman sings "One/Together". Glen & Karen duet on "El Condor Pasa". Mel Tillis sings "Commercial Affection". Larry McNeeley performs "Dear Old Dixie".

    Comedy Sketches: Paul plays a talent agent for animals, a gypsy serendaing customers in a restaurant and a World War I weirdo.moreless
  • November 1, 1970
    November 1, 1970
    Episode 7
    Glen's guests are Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Bob Newhart and Jackie DeShannon. Plus regulars: Mel Tillis, Jerry Reed and Larry McNeeley

    Musical Highlights: Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash perform "Help Me Make It Through The Night". Jackie DeShannon sings"Let It Be". Glen sings "If I Ruled The World", "Night Train To Memphis, & "I Can't Help It". Glen & Johnny Cash duet on "Understand Your Man". Entire Cast joins in for a Nashville Medley. Glen, Jackie DeShannon, Jerry Reed perform "Ain't Nobody's Business".

    Concert Spot: Larry McNeeley performs "Banjo Signal".

    Comedy Sketches: Bob Newhart plays a Biblical shopkeeper taking a grocery order from Noah. Johnny Cash as gunslinger Sam Quentin.moreless
  • October 25, 1970
    October 25, 1970
    Episode 6
    Glen's guests are Dionne Warwick, Bill Medley, Jud Strunk, Jerry Reed, Larry McNeeley and Shecky Greene.

    Musical Highlights: Glen sings, "My Love", "The Story of My Life", "A Legend in My Time" & "We've Only Just Begun". Dionne Warwick sings, "I Got Love" & "Make It Easy On Yourself". Bill Medley sings, "Brown-eyed Woman". Glen & Dionne duet on "Dreams of Everyday Housewife" & "Wives and Lovers".

    Comedy Sketches: Glen, Dionne and Shecky satirize campus movies of the Thirties. Shecky is a stage-struck elevator operator; Jud describes life in a small town.

  • October 18, 1970
    October 18, 1970
    Episode 5
    Glen's guests are Andy Griffith, The Supremes (Cindy Birdsong, Mary Wilson and Jean Terrell), Mel Tillis, Larry McNeeley, Jerry Reed and Ruth Buzzi.

    Musical Highlights: Glen sings, "Close To You", "What Will My Mary Say" & "Just Another Piece Of Paper". The Supremes perform "Something" & "Everybody's Got A Right To Love". Glen & Supremes sing, "Homeward Bound" & "Satisfied". Glen & Mel Tillis do a medley of "Sawmill", "Heart Over Mind", "Detroit City" & "I Wanna Go Home". All join in for a Gospel Medley.

    Concert Spot: Glen & Jerry duet with "Big Daddy's Alabama Bound". Larry McNeeley performs "Sock Eyes".

    Comedy Sketches: All join in for Adult Party Games.moreless
  • October 11, 1970
    October 11, 1970
    Episode 4
    Glen's guests are Kenny Rogers & The First Edition, Arte Johnson and John Byner.

    Musical Highlights: Kenny Rogers & The First Edition perform "Tell It All Brother". Glen sings "Happy Heart", "Didn't We", "She Thinks I Still Care" & "Autumn Leaves". Arte Johnson performs "Gimme Dat Ding". Jerry Reed sings "Remembering". Glen, Kenny Rodgers & The First Edition perform "Camptown Races".

    Concert Spot: Glen & Jerry Reed duet on "Salty Dog". Larry McNeeley performs "Red Haired Boy".

    Comedy Sketches: Arte Johnson doing his Laugh-In characterization as Tyrone Horneigh, the dirty old man. John Byner with a monologue on half-time entertainment at football games.moreless
  • October 4, 1970
    October 4, 1970
    Episode 3
    Glen's guests are Paul Lynde, Roy Clark, Osmond Brothers and Anne Murray.

    Musical Highlights: Anne Murray sings "Snowbird". Osmond Brothers perform a Motown Medley. Roy Clark sings "Tips Of My Fingers". Glen sings "Mississippi River", "As Far As I'm Concerned", "Please Help Me, I'm Falling" & "For No One". Glen & Anne Murray duet on "Break My Mind". Glen and The Osmonds perform "Lookin' Out My Back Door".

    Concert Spot: Glen & Jerry Reed duet on "Eight Miles To Louisville". Larry McNeeley performs "Off The Wall".

    Comedy Sketches: Paul as a talkative piano tuner, a submarine commander and a classical musician joining a country-western combo.moreless
  • September 27, 1970
    September 27, 1970
    Episode 2
    Glen's guests are Nancy Wilson, Lily Tomlin, Buck Owens and Shecky Greene. Also appearing are regulars: Jerry Reed, Larry McNeeley, Mel Tillis and the Marty Paich orchestra.

    Musical Highlights: Nancy Wilson sings "Now I'm A Woman". Buck Owens sings "The Kansas City Song". Glen sings "Born Free", "Turn It Around In Your Mind", "I Can't Help It", "Dream Sweet Dreams About Me", "Bridge Over Trouble Water" & "Brass Tacks". Buck & Glen duet on "Tiger By the Tail". Glen & Nancy duet on "Early In the Morning".

    Comedy Sketches: Lily Tomlin does a monologue as a housewife with a problem. Shecky Greene play a waiter. Lily Tomlin, Shecky Green, Nancy Wilson and Glen appears in a opera spoof.moreless
  • September 20, 1970
    September 20, 1970
    Episode 1
    Glen's guests are Brian Keith, Norm Crosby, Ruth Buzzi and the 5th Dimension.

    Musical Highlights: 5th Dimension perform "Spinning Wheel" & "Windmills Of Your Mind". Glen sings "Everything A Man Could Ever Need", "A Thing Called Love", "Its Only Make Believe" & "Let It Be". Jerry Reed sings "Georgia Sunshine". Glen, Jerry & the 5th Dimension do "Everything Is Beautiful". Glen & 5th Dimension sing "Save The Country" & "In The Summertime". Glen & Jerry Reed duet on "Mule Skinner Blues".

    Comedy Sketches: Norm explains the stock market. A hip compser (Brian Keith) reads lyrics. A lady executive (Ruth Buzzi) makes passes at her male secretary (Glen).moreless