The Godzilla Power Hour

NBC (ended 1979)


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The Godzilla Power Hour

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Up from the Depths!
Thirty Stories high!
Breathing Fire! His Head in the Sky!
And Godzooky.

Godzilla. The old 1970's cartoon created by Hanna-Barbera is about a giant lizzard who could breathe fire, shoot red lazers out from his eyes, and fight monsters, too. This monster was originally a Japanese monster, but this guy was developed into a cartoon beast. The episodes feature Godzilla battling nothing but gigantic monsters. He does get help from some people, and his son.
Characters: Captin Carl Majors is commandor of a ship known as The Calico. He is in charge of a device to call Godzilla when ever he and his crew are in danger. Dr. or Prof. Quinn Darian is a scientist who works with Capt. Majors on The Calico. Brock is Quinn's assistant. He is at his mid 20s and is alway ready to help. Pete is a young tyke who is the nephew of Quinn. Although he and Godzooky get into trouble sometimes, he is helpful to the crew, and not so helpful at sometimes. Godzooky. Ah, what to say about this flying baby lizzard who nobody can understand? Well...he's the son of Godzilla? DUH! Alright! Godzooky is about as big as a condo, who can fly by his webbed arms. He is quite a handful and can be quite annoying at sometimes but comes in use for a second calling device for Godzilla if the first device is destroyed. Godzilla I don't think I need to talk about because all of you know who he is!

Other cartoon series with Godzilla: Godzilla: The Series

Don Messick

Don Messick

Godzooky (vocal effects)

Al Eisenmann

Al Eisenmann


Ted Cassidy

Ted Cassidy

voice of Godzilla

Brenda Thompson

Brenda Thompson

Dr. Quinn Darien (voice)

Hilly Hicks

Hilly Hicks

Brock (voice)

Jeff David

Jeff David

Captain Carl Majors (voice)

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  • One of the coolest series produced in the 70's by Hanna-Barbera.

    Although it was not the best cartoon series ever made of Godzilla in the United States, it was definitely the one that gave us a close up of how cool Godzilla was. The voice cast was very good, and the animation, although quite simple, it was very funny and interactive. Plus, the fights between Godzilla with the different monsters were really well done. Not only he knew that he had to destroy or stop them, but he also had to protect his friends. Plus, the character of Godzooky was a reallly nice addition to the cast. A really cool show, no doubt about it!moreless
  • I'm fond with a lot of Hannah-Barbera cartoons but What The Heck Is This?

    This version of Godzilla is a HORRIBLE show! They totally ruined a good collection of Toho Godzilla movies! This show will be terrorizing my mind for years. This version of Godzilla does not take place in japan where it is supposed to, Godzilla didn't bring any traits he had in the toho versions, they replaced his classic fire breath with stinky lazers coming out of his eyeballs, his spikes resemble pickles, and he doesn't have his classic roar in this show that he did in the original movies! Also, his son is named Godzookie in this show! It's not Godzookie! It's freaken minilla or baby Godzilla! don't report me for this, I'm just explianing my opinion but this is a mess!moreless
  • Great 70's show!!

    Well, since I have been a fan of everything GODZILLA, this was obviously a must for me.

    This is an absolute classic in my opinion. The cartoon is very well written, and the monster battles are actually pretty intense in some cases, and the monsters Godzilla fights are very interesting.

    To be honest I've never seen this show before, until Classic Media released volume 1 of the series back a couple years ago. The first ever episode I watched was actually the "pilot" episode(the first ever episode), and it was very entertaining, and I'm glad volume 2 was released, and volume 3 comes out of DVD on October 2, 2007.

    An absolute classic, and a must for any Godzilla fan, and collector of classic shows.moreless
  • The first cartoon based of my favorite movie monster.

    I remember when CN showed classic cartoons like The Flinstones, The Smurfs, Scooby Doo, etc and Godzilla was on of those cartoons. I was very little when I watched this show and it was what got me into Godzilla. I loved it. It was my favorite show when I was little. I watched it all the time and never got tired of it. But there's one small problem, In this cartoon Godzilla is green which I don't like because I'm a true Godzilla fan and I know Godzilla's black. If you watch any of his movies you'll agree with me. Godziila is the best movie monster of all time and good to see him with his own show.

    5 out of 5.moreless
  • I think this is a very good show.

    Even though it premered and ended before I was born I was able to watch it a few times many years ago when I was very little. I like this show very much. It is really cool even though it was from the stone ages. I really like it when godzucci always thinks he can help even though he can't because he needs gozilla's help.