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NBC (ended 1979)


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  • One of the coolest series produced in the 70's by Hanna-Barbera.

    Although it was not the best cartoon series ever made of Godzilla in the United States, it was definitely the one that gave us a close up of how cool Godzilla was. The voice cast was very good, and the animation, although quite simple, it was very funny and interactive. Plus, the fights between Godzilla with the different monsters were really well done. Not only he knew that he had to destroy or stop them, but he also had to protect his friends. Plus, the character of Godzooky was a reallly nice addition to the cast. A really cool show, no doubt about it!
  • I'm fond with a lot of Hannah-Barbera cartoons but What The Heck Is This?

    This version of Godzilla is a HORRIBLE show! They totally ruined a good collection of Toho Godzilla movies! This show will be terrorizing my mind for years. This version of Godzilla does not take place in japan where it is supposed to, Godzilla didn't bring any traits he had in the toho versions, they replaced his classic fire breath with stinky lazers coming out of his eyeballs, his spikes resemble pickles, and he doesn't have his classic roar in this show that he did in the original movies! Also, his son is named Godzookie in this show! It's not Godzookie! It's freaken minilla or baby Godzilla! don't report me for this, I'm just explianing my opinion but this is a mess!
  • Great 70's show!!

    Well, since I have been a fan of everything GODZILLA, this was obviously a must for me.

    This is an absolute classic in my opinion. The cartoon is very well written, and the monster battles are actually pretty intense in some cases, and the monsters Godzilla fights are very interesting.

    To be honest I've never seen this show before, until Classic Media released volume 1 of the series back a couple years ago. The first ever episode I watched was actually the "pilot" episode(the first ever episode), and it was very entertaining, and I'm glad volume 2 was released, and volume 3 comes out of DVD on October 2, 2007.

    An absolute classic, and a must for any Godzilla fan, and collector of classic shows.
  • The first cartoon based of my favorite movie monster.

    I remember when CN showed classic cartoons like The Flinstones, The Smurfs, Scooby Doo, etc and Godzilla was on of those cartoons. I was very little when I watched this show and it was what got me into Godzilla. I loved it. It was my favorite show when I was little. I watched it all the time and never got tired of it. But there's one small problem, In this cartoon Godzilla is green which I don't like because I'm a true Godzilla fan and I know Godzilla's black. If you watch any of his movies you'll agree with me. Godziila is the best movie monster of all time and good to see him with his own show.

    5 out of 5.
  • I think this is a very good show.

    Even though it premered and ended before I was born I was able to watch it a few times many years ago when I was very little. I like this show very much. It is really cool even though it was from the stone ages. I really like it when godzucci always thinks he can help even though he can't because he needs gozilla's help.
  • I'd say this show made me a Gozilla fan.

    I watched this show when I was a kid, and fell in love with Godzilla. Godzookie was sooooooo cute, I always thought Pete was kinda mean to him. Well, anyway, I love this show, I rented the 2 DVDs from Netflix. I would get them, even if they're $10 for 4 eps. I just wish they'd come out with more very, very soon.
  • Childhood classic! Watched it everytime it came on!

    Now this was something good! I remember this from my childhood and I absolutely loved it--after it left, I didn't bother checking out Fox Kids's series.
    For real though, this show had cutting edge animation, nice adventures, awesome monsters, and cool characters. We were even introduced to Godzilla's kid, Godzookey! The characters of the exploration team didn't steal the spotlight and were good characters. I'm disappointed though how they're selling these DVD's, four episodes for $10! If they lower the price, I won't waste a second to get them though. I really wish the series had more episodes to give though.
  • Godzilla The King

    This is how I knew about Godzilla nad how I came to like this is how Godzilla became my hero and i've like this show ever seince its a same no Toho monsters where used and godzilla roar wasn't the same but it good I like it a ture Classic
  • A classic. They use the the very famous monster Godzilla in a new and exciting way. They also add his son, Godzooky, who makes the show have some humor in it.

    A classic show with a classic monster. I also found Godzooky very entertaining. Too bad they NEVER show it any more... Anyhow, it pits Godzilla into a new era, the era of Godzilla in animation. The monsters that he fights are very cool in the series. A lot of these monsters are original and Hanna Barbera did a GREAT job with this. As I said before, Godzooky is very funny and makes the show even entertaining for the smallest of us.
  • rear I has the series already as a child gladly gesehn

    rear together I wanted to purely write only times here which I godzilla power hour finds very nice and also for the time must was. I hope that it my opinion since ^^ naja I had godzilla power hour 10 given because it super is simple and I would look at it me still in the that older gladly ^^ thank for your attention
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