The Godzilla Power Hour

NBC (ended 1979)


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  • I'm fond with a lot of Hannah-Barbera cartoons but What The Heck Is This?

    This version of Godzilla is a HORRIBLE show! They totally ruined a good collection of Toho Godzilla movies! This show will be terrorizing my mind for years. This version of Godzilla does not take place in japan where it is supposed to, Godzilla didn't bring any traits he had in the toho versions, they replaced his classic fire breath with stinky lazers coming out of his eyeballs, his spikes resemble pickles, and he doesn't have his classic roar in this show that he did in the original movies! Also, his son is named Godzookie in this show! It's not Godzookie! It's freaken minilla or baby Godzilla! don't report me for this, I'm just explianing my opinion but this is a mess!