The Godzilla Power Hour - Season 1

NBC (ended 1979)


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  • The Time Dragons
    The Time Dragons
    Episode 13

    When the Calico is about to be struck by a falling satellite, Godzilla is called to the rescue. Although the Big G saves the crew by catching the satellite, energy emissions from the device create a freak time warp that sends Godzilla and the Calico back one million years in the past. There they are soon attacked by a Diplodocus, who the much larger Godzilla easily drives away with a few spurts of his fiery breath [actually, the Diplodocus, a prehistoric herbivore which resembled the Apatatosaurus in body form but was lighter and much longer in length with a somewhat elongated head, was a peaceful creature and shouldn't have attacked the crew; for that matter, dinosaurs of that type became extinct before the end of the Jurassic Period, over 100 million years ago, and shouldn't have co-existed with either the Tyrannosaurus or the cavemen seen later in this episode]. While exploring the prehistoric terrain, the crew meet and befriend a tribe of cavemen who they teach to defend themselves against the dinosaurs by building a catapult [since Dr. Darian, a scientist, isn't surprised by the dinosaurs and cavemen co-existing, as any 5th grader from our reality would be, it can be presumed that the prehistoric history of the animated Godzilla's reality is much different from that of our own history; further, the cavemen speak perfect English, including a contemporary dialect, yet another blatant indication that the writers were more interested in telling an entertaining story than providing the viewers with historic accuracy, despite the realistic depictions of the cavemen drawing events in their lives on the walls of the caves, as Cro-Magnon man actually appears that this episode couldn't decide whether to educate or mislead the viewers]. When the crew and the cavemen are later attacked by a vicious Tyrannosaur-like dinosaur equal to the Big G in height, Godzilla is called upon once more, and he engages the giant carnosaur in battle [yet another example of an historic inaccuracy provided for the purposes of dramatic entertainment; no real-life carnosaur was anywhere near as large as Godzilla's 160 foot height, not even the dreaded "super-predator" known as the Spinosaurus, but as I said before, this is an alternate reality here, so I digress]. As the two monsters continue their fight, a sudden earthquake opens a fissure in the earth that releases a large pocket of liquid uranium. Curious, Godzilla picks the substance up, and the energy from the uranium somehow reverses the time warping effect around the Big G and returns him to the present. Now in danger once more, but formulating a plan, Dr. Darian directs the cavemen to fire a huge gob of the uranium at the carnosaur, who catches it, activating the time warping effects once more, this time whisking both the Calico crew and the carnosaur himself back to the present, a few moments before they were originally sent back in time (for some reason, they didn't encounter temporal duplicates of themselves, obviously a story error). Godzilla and his carnosaurian adversary then continue their battle in the present, when the crew notices the satellite falling. In order to avoid being sent back in time again, and to get rid of the carnosaur, the crew has Godzooky communicate to Godzilla not to catch the satellite this time, but merely to push it away. He does so, and this time the carnosaur catches it instead of Godzilla, and the time warp carries the bloodthirsty dinosaur back into the past.

  • The Sub-Zero Terror
    The Sub-Zero Terror
    Episode 12
    The crew of the Calico journey into the Himalayan Mountains with a scientific expedition led by Dr. Darian's old friend and colleague, Dr. Rourke, in search of a reputed source of geothermal energy. After approaching an area near a dormant volcano, which they believe to contain the energy source, a gigantic abominable snowman at the top of the nearby mountain range attempts to crush the intrepid crew by setting off an avalanche. Godzilla is called and arrives just in time to shield the group from the falling snow with his own body. Entering the volcano, the Calico crew discovers a sophisticated village ruled by a race of very intelligent human-sized hominids covered with white fur who call themselves the Watchuka. The Watchuka were obviously the source of the legends of the abominable snowmen reported by the people of Tibet for ages, and their village is powered by a remarkable steam engine that turns out to be the origin of the geothermal energy source the party was searching for. As it turns out, the Watchuka resent the human race who dominate the world, and they plan to conquer the surface by releasing an army of larger, warrior snowmen who have been kept in frozen storage until war is declared [obviously, the Watchuka haven't done their research on the human civilizations adequately enough, or they would realize that even their army of snowmen warriors would be quickly shot down by the surface world nations' tremendous military might]. The crew obviously oppose the Watchuka's plan, and when they summon the village's guardian, the gigantic Great Watchuka, to squelch the humans, Godzilla is summoned. After grappling with the Great Watchuka, Godzilla ultimately saves the crew from an oncoming volcanic eruption and seals the volcano shut with a huge rock, thereby denying the Watchuka further access to the surface world.moreless
  • The Breeder Beast
    The Breeder Beast
    Episode 11
    A huge pollution-based monster attacks and its amoeba form is resistant to even Godzilla's powers.
  • Island Of Lost Ships
    An ancient Greek island appear and Captain Majors is hypnotically induced to bring the Calico there by three deadly sirens.
  • The Colossus Of Atlantis
    The long lost city of Atlantis resurfaces and the crew are caught in a tractor beam. After Godzilla rescues them, they determine that the Atlanteans are in suspended animation...along with Dr. Darian and Brock!
  • The Magnetic Horror
    A drilling outpost in Antarctica is attacked by an enormous amphibious sea creature that resembles a giant sea turtle who rises from the depths of the Antarctic Ocean, and the monster absorbs the energy from the facility's oil pump. The creature is dubbed the Magnetic Monster, since it has the power to generate waves of magnetic force from its beak that can either attract or repel objects, and it needs to feed on magnetic sources of energy to survive. As the crew of the Calico investigate the creature, they call upon Godzilla to counter the Magnetic Monster's next target, and he easily drives the creature away. However, it's discovered that the aquatic kaiju is growing increasingly larger as it absorbs more magnetic energy, and the beast uses its power of polarized attraction to swallow the mini-sub containing Capt. Majors and Brock, trapping them within the beast itself. Upon Dr. Darian's suggestion, Godzilla chases the Magnetic Monster to the South Pole, where she believes the beast will absorb too much magnetic energy to survive. As the monster arrives there, it becomes so large that it makes Godzilla look miniature by comparison, and it takes on a bipedal stance. The monster even unsuccessfully tries to swallow Godzilla with its magnetic waves of attraction. Ultimately, Dr. Darian's theory proves correct, and the Magnetic Monster absorbs so much magnetic energy from the South magnetic pole that it explodes, freeing Capt. Majors and Brock from entrapment within its body.moreless
  • The Energy Beast
    The Energy Beast
    Episode 7
    Godzilla must deal with a mysterious energy beast, but soon he becomes infected with the energy and goes on a rampage...or does he?
  • The Horror Of Forgotton Island
    Godzilla is called in to deal with a one-eyed kaiju that can turn invisible.
  • The Seaweed Monster
    While diving in the sea near the West Indies, Dr. Darian and Brock are startled when they are attacked by a bizarre mutant life form...a creature composed entirely of seaweed, which continues to grow increasingly larger as the plant beast merges with more and more seaweed. The two divers barely escape the plant creature's two huge tendrils as they frantically swim back to the Calico. There they call upon Godzilla to deal with the creature, and while the Seaweed Monster is no match for Godzilla, the Kaiju King can't seem to severely injure the plant creature's physical substance. As the Seaweed Monster menaces a nearby inhabited island, Dr. Darian notices that a severed piece of the creature completely dried up after excessive exposure to sunlight. Thus, she directs Godzilla to drag the Seaweed Monster onto land, where the searing tropical sunlight eventually causes the plant creature to wither and die.moreless
  • Attack of The Stone Creatures
    Godzilla must deal with two sphinx-like monsters that emit freezing cold winds.
  • The Eartheater
    The Eartheater
    Episode 3
    Godzilla must battle the Eartheater, a subterranean monster that threatens San Francisco.
  • The Mega Volt Monster
    The crew must deal with their newest threat: the Megavolt Monsters, aquatic kaijus that sink oil tankers.
  • The Firebird
    The Firebird
    Episode 1
    As a long dormant volcano in Alaska suddenly erupts, the crew of the Calico decides to investigate the phenomena. Suddenly, an enormous winged creature called the Firebird, since she literally thrives in super-heated lava and breathes fire, emerges from her resting place in the volcano (there is actually a legendary avian creature by that name in Russian mythology, though this fact is not alluded to in the show). The Firebird flies across the frozen Arctic Sea to find a place to spawn, the heat from her body causing huge floods as her very proximity melts glaciers. Godzilla is called to the rescue by his human friends, and after a fierce battle, he defeats the Firebird by trapping her in an undersea cavemoreless