The Godzilla Power Hour

Season 1 Episode 9

The Colossus Of Atlantis

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 21, 1978 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Godzilla blows off Collosuss left arm. But the next scene shows that his right arm is blown off.

    • Collosus rams himself into a building and disappears for some strange reason among the rubble.

    • When Godzilla fights Collosus, Godzooky gets in the way and Godzilla tries to shoo him away. The next scene is Godzooky by him self. Notice that the background hasn't changed at all.

    • When Godzilla is in suspended animation, both his arms are at his side, but when Pete, and Carl lead Collosus to Godzilla, his arm are now in front of his stomach.

    • When Brock and Quinn go into the sleep chamber, they are put to sleep behind a crowd of people. But when Pete, Carl, and Godzooky find them, they are in front of the crowd.

    • When Brock and Quinn are re-living the earthquake in Atlantis, they are trying to get into the time machine, but can't because of the crowd of people. Brock and Quinn are shown going from left to right two times in the crowd.

    • How the heck was all the footage from the earthquake being recorded? Since everyone was in the sleep chambers, how did the footage show up on the little plastic discs?

    • When Brock and Quinn watch the city sink, it's possible to see that a few buildings are missing. It's actually footage from the beginnig when the city was rising.

    • When Brock and Quinn look at the end of Atlantis, the people shake because of the quake. How come the buildings don't shake?

    • In some scenes when Collosus moves from one part of the screen to the next, it is very possible to see the plastic film surrounding it!!

    • When Brock and Quinn go into the old building, you can see some Egyption symbols above the door. But when they are in the past, the symbols seem to have changed.

    • When Godzooky tries to help Godzilla holding the ship back, his body is the size of Godzillas hand. Then when Godzilla disappears by the red beam, Godzooky is now the size of the mini copter.

    • A ray of light surrounds the Calico and pulls it towards the city. When Godzilla appears and tries to hold it back, the ray is only covering half of the ship.

    • When Atlantis rises, you can see a few buildings that where never shown when the city was underwater.

    • Godzooky flies off the boat when it takes off quickly. when flies back onto the deck, notice that one part of the back of the boat is missing.

  • Quotes

    • (After the Atlantians take off in the ship, Godzooky falls in the water.)
      Pete: Even without a spaceship, Godzooky is out of this world!

    • (After going through the time machine.)
      Quinn: Brock!
      Brock: Wha-What happened?
      Quinn: You disappeared. And I followed.
      Brock: We're back now. Guess that time machines a dud after all!

    • (After Calico is destroyed.)
      Carl: Until we can find help, it looks like this is our home.
      Brock: And, it looks like someone doesn't like us.

    • (In side Atlantis)
      Pete: What's that?
      Carl: The walls are closing in on us!
      Quinn: I've got the feeling someone is trying to tell us something!

    • Brock: Something's up! It's a quake! Under the sea!
      Carl: That won't effect us Brock! The ocean's too deep at this point!
      Quinn: But this is a strong quake!

  • Notes

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