The Godzilla Power Hour

Season 2 Episode 7

The Golden Gaurdians

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Unknown on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The number of the Gaurdians changes throughout the episode. There are six at the begining and one goes to fight Godzilla which leaves five in the ground. Then there are a total of seven Gaurdians plus one fighting Godzilla when the High Priest dreams. That makes a total of eight! Then goes down to five when Godzilla leads them into the marsh!

    • When the team beams the lazer at Godzilla, it's shot at him then stops for a second. But in the next shot, it is going again.

    • When Carl says that they can free Godzilla of his golden sheild, both of Brocks arms are at his side. But in the next scene, it's a long shot, and Brocks right arm appears to be on his neck. But in the next shot, it's at his side again.

    • When Carl and Brock are trapped in the cage, Brock says: "You can't keep us here!" While he says this, notice the lenses of his glasses. They're missing.

    • When Carl notices a Gaurdian for the first time, theres a scene where it goes down a hill behind a group trees. That exact same scene is shown again three other times later on.

    • That's not the only thing that changes. Godzilla's arm changes also when he's a statue. When he is first turned into a statue, his right arm is above his head. When Pete wakes up from his dream and sees Godzilla as a golden statue, Godzilla's right arm is now sticking out in front of him. But then when he's hit with the lazer, his right arm is now above his head again.

    • When Godzilla walks out of the marsh after he leads The Gaurdians into the marsh, he walks out in his normal side-view walking style. Notice that his belly seems to be smaller than his regular size belly from how he walks in that style.

    • When the crew is about ready to leave, one villager thanks the crew for freeing them of the Gaurdians. Notice that the sky behind him seems to be a nighttime sky. But when the scene is shown of the liquid gold, the sky is at daytime.

  • Quotes

    • High Priest: The Gaurdians did not frighten you away like they did the others. But there are other ways of dealing with strangers.
      (High Priest locks the cage)
      Brock: You can't keep us here!
      High Priest: We can! And we will!

    • Pete: Why would the archeologists, go off and leave all this?
      (Carl notices one of the gaurdians)
      Carl: There's your answer!

    • (Godzooky get's sprayed with water from elephant.)
      Pete: I tried to warn you 'Zooky!
      Brock: Yeah! Next time, pick on someone your OWN SIZE!

    • Dr. Cliber: When will people learn that...
      (CRASH! BANG!)
      Dr. Cliber: What was that?
      Assistant: Oh, probably just the wind Dr. Cliber
      Dr. Cliber: The wind doesn't tear up packing crates!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • none: none
      Does anyone think that the Gaurdians seem to be making a reference to Jet Jaguar from Godzilla Vs. Megalon?