The Godzilla Power Hour

Season 2 Episode 10

The Macro Beasts

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Unknown on NBC



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      This is a rare episode where there are no really evil monsters. Thankfully the only monsters are sea creatures who are shrunk back to their normal size. The moth is no match for Godzilla.

    • When Godzilla is in the South Pole looking for some ice, you can see for one second that his eye and teeth stand out from the rest of his body. It's because of an inking problem.

    • When Godzilla is helping out Carl and Brock fight the giant eels, he shoots while lazers from his eyes! But they return to red when they hit the eels!

    • When Pete, Brock and Godzooky are trapped on the cliff, Pete orders Godzooky to call Godzilla. Was it really necessary for Godzooky to call Godzilla? Why couldn't he have flown Pete and Brock out of there? It was probably to dangerous for him to fly anyway.

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