The Godzilla Power Hour

NBC (ended 1979)


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  • Season 2 Episode 12: Island Of Doom


    COBRA is no match for Godzilla, who easily singlehandedly defeats all of them and destroys their secret base.

  • Season 2 Episode 10: The Macro Beasts

  • When Godzilla is in the South Pole looking for some ice, you can see for one second that his eye and teeth stand out from the rest of his body. It's because of an inking problem.

  • When Godzilla is helping out Carl and Brock fight the giant eels, he shoots while lazers from his eyes! But they return to red when they hit the eels!

  • When Pete, Brock and Godzooky are trapped on the cliff, Pete orders Godzooky to call Godzilla. Was it really necessary for Godzooky to call Godzilla? Why couldn't he have flown Pete and Brock out of there? It was probably to dangerous for him to fly anyway.

  • Season 2 Episode 7: The Golden Gaurdians

  • The number of the Gaurdians changes throughout the episode. There are six at the begining and one goes to fight Godzilla which leaves five in the ground. Then there are a total of seven Gaurdians plus one fighting Godzilla when the High Priest dreams. That makes a total of eight! Then goes down to five when Godzilla leads them into the marsh!

  • When the team beams the lazer at Godzilla, it's shot at him then stops for a second. But in the next shot, it is going again.

  • When Carl says that they can free Godzilla of his golden sheild, both of Brocks arms are at his side. But in the next scene, it's a long shot, and Brocks right arm appears to be on his neck. But in the next shot, it's at his side again.

  • When Carl and Brock are trapped in the cage, Brock says: "You can't keep us here!" While he says this, notice the lenses of his glasses. They're missing.

  • When Carl notices a Gaurdian for the first time, theres a scene where it goes down a hill behind a group trees. That exact same scene is shown again three other times later on.

  • That's not the only thing that changes. Godzilla's arm changes also when he's a statue. When he is first turned into a statue, his right arm is above his head. When Pete wakes up from his dream and sees Godzilla as a golden statue, Godzilla's right arm is now sticking out in front of him. But then when he's hit with the lazer, his right arm is now above his head again.

  • When Godzilla walks out of the marsh after he leads The Gaurdians into the marsh, he walks out in his normal side-view walking style. Notice that his belly seems to be smaller than his regular size belly from how he walks in that style.

  • When the crew is about ready to leave, one villager thanks the crew for freeing them of the Gaurdians. Notice that the sky behind him seems to be a nighttime sky. But when the scene is shown of the liquid gold, the sky is at daytime.

  • Season 2 Episode 1: The City In The Clouds

  • At the begining, the ship capt. sounds alot like Capt. Majors. His voice seems to switching from British to American when he speaks to his crew members, or when he shouts out orders.

  • When Carl notices the water spout comming up from the ocean, he says "Look!" Notice that his mouth is open and doesn't move when he says this.

  • When the storm short circuits, all the electricity goes through the ship. Why didn't any of the crew members get shocked? Carl was holding on to the wheel and the crew was standing on the metal floor.

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