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... American Horror Story, which was just renewed for Season 4, is on fiyah this season. And I don't just mean SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS WEEK'S EPISODE Myrtle, who might have just met the business end of some gasoline and Fiona's cigarette. The series is really bringing it in Season 3, and part of that is due to Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates, who have turned out to be brilliant additions to the cast. So I guess it's a good thing that they've both told co-creator Ryan Murphy they'll return for Season 4. Everybody put on your nicest dress and meet me up in Spalding's room to celebrate. [EW]


... NBC will air a special holiday-themed edition of its fun summer series Hollywood Game Night. It will air Monday, December 2 at 10pm, with Ray Romano, Cheryl Hines, Gavin DeGraw, Rachel Bilson, Andy Roddick, and Brooklyn Decker as the celebrity guests. [THR]

... Sticking with the game show theme, Let's Make a Deal is doing two special Twitter episodes this season, the first of which will air on Wednesday, November 13. To have Wayne Brady explain what this means, click here. [CBS via press release]

... The cast of Everwood will be reuniting for the first time ever at the third annual ATX Festival in Austin, Texas in June 2014. Attending the panel will be David Hudgins, Rina Mimoun, Chris Pratt, Emily Van Camp, Gregory Smith, Tom Amandes, Treat Williams, Scott Wolf, Stephanie Niznik, Vivien Cardone, John Beasley, and Merrilyn Gann. Excuse me, I need to go buy my festival badge/book my hotel room/buy a plane ticket/dance for joy. [Austin Chronicle]

... Molly Shannon has signed on to produce and star in a new single-camera comedy that's currently in development at Fox. The project, written by Bruce McCulloch, (who directed Shannon in Superstar), centers on Shannon's character Fiona, a successful career woman, who ends up clashing with her pregnant daughter. [Deadline]

... Celebrity chef Curtis Stone has finally been named a regular guest co-host of ABC’s The Chew. If that title looks funny, trust me, I typed it correctly. Stone has been a regular guest on the show for awhile, but will now officially appear on a semi-regular basis, beginning with the November 12 episode. Yeah, no, that still seems like a worthless title. [ABC via press release]

... Stop me if you've heard this one already: Director Robert Rodriguez is launching his own network (HAHAHA) called the El Rey Network, and he's also adapting his 1996 film From Dusk Till Dawn into a 10-episode series for the network (HAHAHA), which is launching in December. All right, so those aren't really jokes, but this is: Don Johnson will recur as Sheriff Earl McGraw, a Texas Ranger who was played by Michael Parks in the film. Also joining the cast are D.J. Cotrona (Detroit 1-8-7) and Zane Holtz (Make It Or Break It) as criminals Seth and Rickie Gecko, originally portrayed by George Clooney an Quentin Tarantino. [The Wrap]

... ABC, you so crazy. The network is developing a series from Dan Fogelman (The Neighbors) about three former basketball teammates who reconnect in their 60s and discover that they still don't know jack about life. This makes the rest of us all really hopeful about our futures. [Deadline]

... Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas is reuniting with Diane Ruggiero to develop iZombie, a supernatural series based on the characters created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred for DC Comics. The project revolves around a med-student-turned-zombie who takes a job in the local coroner’s office in order to gain quick, easy access to all the brains her little heart (stomach?) desires. The trouble is, every time she eats a brain(YUM), she inherits its original owner's memories. Eventually, she uses that gift (?) to solve crimes and to quiet all those extra voices. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS EXISTED? SHAME ON YOU, WORLD, FOR KEEPING THIS FROM ME FOR SO LONG. Ahem, anyway, I'll give you one guess as to the network that's developing the series. Ready? Go! *whistles* If you said anything other than The CW, please hang your head in shame. [Deadline]


... Martin Starr of Freaks and Geeks and Party Down will guest-starr (ha, see what I did there? Sorry...) on an upcoming episode of The Goldbergs. Starr will play Andre, a video store employee (holy crap, remember video stores?) who takes his job a littttttle too seriously. Gee, I don't know? Someone who takes his job too seriously? That might be a hard one for Starr to pull off. [EW]

... Danny Masterson (That '70s Show) and Kris Lemche (Joan of Arcadia) have both booked trips to Syfy's Haven as the low-budget TV reality show duo the Darkside Seekers. They'll appear in the November 22 episode as Anderson Harris (Masterson), the man behind the camera, and Seth Byrne, the host of the show. [Syfy via press release]

... Kelly Rutherford, who played Serena's mother on Gossip Girl, is headed to Bones. She'll play Stephanie McNamara, an old acquaintance of Hodgins who also comes from a wealthy family. When her brother is brought in for interrogation in a murder investigation, the reunion between old friends quickly heads south. [THR]

... Remember this past summer when Fox's miniseries Wayward Pines was casting people every other day? Apparently it's still casting people, because Hope Davis and Justin Kirk (Weeds) have both signed on for multi-episode arcs. Davis will play Megan Fisher, a teacher at Wayward Pines Academy, while Kirk is Peter McCall, a realtor in Wayward Pines. [THR]

... Kirk Acevedo, who will soon be appearing on Blue Bloods, and Emily Rios, who had the distinct (dis)pleasure of portraying Jesse's girl Andrea on Breaking Bad, will both guest-star on NBC's Grimm. Acevedo will play Ron Hurd, a tough Army guy with a dark secret, while Rios will appear as Frankie Gonzales, a strong-willed veteran who has suffered some major trauma. [The Wrap]


... Is Arrow the best live-action superhero show everMarc Bernardin of the Hollywood Reporter seems to think so. This is an interesting read in which he definitely mentions Stephen Amell's abs. Now, everyone bother Noel until he writes a response. [THR]

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