The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 19

72 Hours

Aired Unknown Feb 17, 1990 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Rose discovers that she may be carrying the HIV virus after learning the blood they used in her gallbladder operation may have contained HIV antibodies. What really gets to her though is the 72 hours she must wait before hearing the test results. Meanwhile, Dorothy organizes a Save the Swamplands charity.moreless

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  • A Clear indication to the fear of Aids in the early 90's

    Now i'm pretty young and it wasn't until i saw this episode that i realised how terrible it was for those who tested Positive. It honestly never occurred to me that they would have trouble getting insurance and Jobs it is pretty awful.

    'Aids isn't bad people's disease Rose, it isn't God punishing his people for their sins'

    At times Sophia may have seemed that she felt it was but from what I've heard Estelle Getty was anything but and a great activist for those with HIV Aids

    Fav Line:

    Dorothy 'Its like holding up a save the whales poster on a Japanese Trawler'moreless
  • Rose finds out she might be carrying the HIV virus from a transfusion she received during a gall bladder operation.

    This was a good episode and very timely for the early 1990's. The fear of AIDS was spreading through the country and there were lots of rumors and bad information. At the time it was still seen as a gay disease or one for people who slept around. The natural choice for this would have been Blanche. That's why centering this story around Rose made it even more effective. The tests were done under a fake name to protect people from losing their insurance or jobs. We were still in the early stages of the disease, and boy have we come a long way since then!

    Rose almost goes crazy having to wait 72 hours for the results. It's Blanche who helps her through it and it's very touching. In the end it's one more story that shows how close the girls are and how much they really care for each other.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In this episode, Dorothy asks Sophia why she had been in her bathroom and Sophia replies the reason she was is because Rose had used her restroom. In other episodes, Blanche has her own bathroom as well (Which makes sense because it is Blanche's house).  However, It is hard to believe that there would be that many bathrooms in the house, let alone in 3 out of the four bedrooms. If anything, Rose is the one that should have her own bathroom because in the episodes where her bedroom is shown, it appears to be the largest out of them all.

    • Tony Carreiro who plays Rose's doctor in this episode has appeared twice before on The Golden Girls. First in two first season episodes, "A Little Romance" playing a waiter, then again in the episode entitled "Flu Attack" playing a waiter. Most may know him best from his role as Joe, Daphne's love interest on Frasier.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Blanche: I happen to have an affection for bayous. Matter of fact, I became a woman in one.
      Sophia: I thought you lost it in a hot-air balloon.
      Dorothy: I thought you lost it at a pancake breakfast.
      Blanche: Well, those don't count. I mean, they did at the time, but this is the definitive "Where I lost my virginity" story.
      Sophia: It's really nice of you to share something to personal with us, Blanche. In a bayou. You slut.

    • Rose: Blanche, did you know that at a truck stop in Tuscaloosa there's an egg dish named after you?
      Blanche: Really? How are they prepared?
      Sophia: Over easy.

    • Sophia: I know that theologically there's no way I can catch it, but now that it's so close to home, it's scary.

    • Rose: Blanche what did you do while you waited for the results?
      Blanche: I just kept it to myself and acted like a bitch to everyone else.
      Rose: No wonder we never knew.

    • Dorothy: (to Sophia) You told me never to let a boy touch me you know where. And you spelled where.

    • Sophia: I picked you up some condoms. Your boyfriend's supposed to put them you know W-H-E-R-E.

    • Blanche: AIDS is not a bad person's disease, Rose, it's not God punishing people for their sins.

  • NOTES (1)

    • In this episode, Blanche reveals that she had been tested for HIV before. She also remarked about how she takes all the proper precautions when she is with a man. Given the theme of her promiscuity throughout the series and the era in which it aired, this was socially applaudable.


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