The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 13

A Little Romance

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 1985 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins in the kitchen with Sophia packing jars into a large suitcase. Dorothy comes in and asks her what she's doing. Sophia tells her that she's putting clam sauce in her suitcase. Dorothy jokes that they serve a snack on the plane. Dorothy asks her why she's taking the food to Phil's. Sophia tells her it's because the only time Phil's wife goes into the kitchen is to get a cold beer. Dorothy defends her by saying she works all day and has no time to cook. Sophia can't believe that her son married a welder. She says it's too bad she didn't weld her zipper shut because they have 10 kids they can't afford. Sophia shuts the suitcase, and asks Dorothy to grab it for her. Dorothy tells her to be nice because Phil and his family are looking forward to her visiting. She adds that their 6 boys are giving up their bedroom so she can stay. Sophia says it's going to be a miserable week, and she doesn't even know why she's going. Dorothy reminds her it's her grandson's graduation she's going to. Sophia says it's not that big of a deal because her grandson's going to grooming school and will learn how to make the puffy ball on a poodle's tail. Blanche comes in the door, and tells Dorothy that she has found a new way to meet more men. She tells her that she enrolled in a CPR class, and says that for the last 6 hours she had men pumping her chest and breathing air into her. Dorothy jokes that Blanche did the same thing at the bar on Super Bowl weekend. Rose comes out of the bedroom in a glowing green dress and asks the girls how she looks. They both say that she looks terrific, and Blanche comments that to the untrained eye the polyester can pass for silk. Rose tells her it is silk. Blanche thinks she's joking, and says that even Sheryl Teague buys her clothes at Sears. Dorothy asks where she's going. Rose tells her that she's going out with a friend from work. Blanche asks if this is the same friend she's been going out with 5 times in the 3 three weeks. Rose says yes. Blanche asks who the man is. Rose tells her that his name is Dr. Jonathan Newman, and he's a psychiatrist at the crisis center. Blanche is amazed that Rose is seeing a psychologist, and Sophia chimes in that it's about time because Rose gives names to her gingerbread men. Sophia tells Dorothy that she's ready to go to the airport. Rose tells Sophia that she's heading out that way and offers to take her. Blanche tells her that she can't leave because she wants to hear more about Jonathan. Rose tells her that there's not much to say about him except that he's a great guy and she likes him. Blanche says she can't wait to meet him, and Dorothy says that maybe they can meet Jonathan's doctor friends. Rose says that he's usually busy, but she'll bring him around soon. Rose tells Sophia they'd better leave. Dorothy tells Sophia to have a good trip, and asks that she call her the minute she gets there. She also asks Sophia not to argue with Phil's wife. Sophia says that they get along just find, and has some good points. She says she's sweet, reliable, and when her father gets out of prison she's going to be a rich woman. Sophia says they better go before the clam sauce leaks out.

Later that night, Rose and Blanche walk out onto the patio to get things ready for a dinner. Blanche says that Rose looks angry. Rose denies it, but Blanche says that when Rose gets mad she puts her lips together so tight they almost disappear. Dorothy comes in and asks if Rose lips are back out yet. Blanche says no, and Rose is still angry. Rose tells them that she's not mad, but she has every reason to be. Rose tells them that she should have had the decision of whether to invite them to this dinner. Blanche says that she's asked Rose repeatedly to invite Jonathan to dinner this week, and each time Rose has put it off. Rose says she just merely forgot and wasn't putting it off. Blanche says that was why when he called today she invited him, and adds that he seemed very excited about coming over. Rose retorts that she still should have asked her first. Dorothy says that she's right, but that he's coming over anyways so she should just sit down, relax, and enjoy this wonderful evening. Rose tells them that Jonathan is a very special person and she doesn't want anyone to say anything to him that might embarrass him. Dorothy tells her to stop worrying, and asks if she can go check on the dinner. Rose walks away from them with her lips still stuck tight together from being angry. Blanche comments that she's really excited about meeting Jonathan, and says that he sounds like a fascinating person since he analyzed her dream over the phone. Dorothy asks what dream. Blanche tells her it's the one where she's running naked through a train and it keeps going through tunnels while all the while a bodybuilder chases after her. Blanche says that Jonathan told her it was a sexual dream. Dorothy says it's more than that, and comments that Blanche smokes a cigarette after that dream. Blanche says that not all of her dreams are sexual. She says she also dreams about food, but then notes that she's usually naked while eating the food too. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Blanche goes to answer the door. Blanche notes that all of her dreams are sexual, and says that's fine by her. She opens the door to let Jonathan in. She thinks that Jonathan is a little boy selling things, and shuts the door in his face. Dorothy asks who that was. Blanche says that she thought it was one of the Donaldson boys selling them another newspaper subscription again. The doorbell rings again, and Dorothy comments that the Donaldson boys don't give up. Blanche adds that their father doesn't either and reminds her about the 4th of July barbeque. Dorothy opens the door, and this time Jonathan introduces himself. We get a clear look at him, and realize now that Jonathan is a little person. Dorothy asks if he's sure that's who he is. Jonathan says yes, and asks if he can come in. Dorothy lets him in. Dorothy asks if he can take his height, then corrects herself saying hat. Jonathan guesses she is Dorothy, and says that Rose talks all about her when they are out on dates. Blanche comes back into the living room, and Dorothy introduces her to Jonathan. Blanche thinks she's joking, and goes to make a joke about his height, but Dorothy interrupts her adding that he's a little early. Rose comes out of the kitchen and greets Jonathan. Jonathan tells her that she looks lovely this evening. Blanche starts chuckling, and tells Rose that she's figured out what's going on here. Blanche thinks that Rose invited this guy to pretend he's Jonathan as a joke just to teach her a lesson about inviting people over without her asking. Rose starts to tighten her lips while Blanche continues to chuckle. Blanche finally realizes that this is no joke, and wishes she was dead right now. Dorothy tells Blanche they need to go get the food out of the oven, and they both go into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Blanche tells Dorothy that she's never been more embarrassed in her entire life and asks if she made a fool of herself. Dorothy says yes. Blanche says that she feels terrible. Dorothy tells her that if she doesn't want to make this night terrible she has to stop being so self-conscious. Blanche agrees and says that if she's self-conscious with Jonathan as a guest in her home then he will be uncomfortable. Dorothy thanks her, and Blanche tells her to get the door. Blanche walks out with the food and asks if anyone would like some shrimp. Realizing how out of place that word is, she gets embarrassed and walks back into the kitchen. Jonathan notes that Blanche is a little uptight and notes that he has to make her less tense tonight. Dorothy says that they should start dinner. Jonathan asks her what they're having. Dorothy pauses and tells them that they're having short ribs.

After dinner, the group comes back into the living room. Jonathan tells them a story about being in a bar in Nairobi and seeing his roommate from Harvard. He says that his roommate had wanted to go someplace where he didn't know anyone either. Blanche notes that it's a small world, but then realizes she just made another bad joke without realizing it. Jonathan says it's not from where he's standing. Blanche says she knows she made a bad statement, and asks that he please forgive her. Jonathan asks that she not be so self-conscious about his height because he isn't. Jonathan says that everyone has something about themselves that they wish they could change, but that they just have to learn to cope with it. He admits that he's always wanted to know what it was like to be center of the Boston Celtics, but that overall he's happy with who he is. Rose says he gives her goose bumps when he talks like that. Blanche offers to fix them all coffee. Rose tells her that she's done enough tonight and offers to do it. Jonathan offers to help, and the two of them head into the kitchen. Dorothy comments that Jonathan is a lovely man. She says that Jonathan has the most positive attitude of anyone that she's ever met. Blanche adds that Jonathan is wearing one of the most delightful gray suits she's ever seen. Dorothy says that Blanche just can't help herself. Suddenly, Sophia arrives back home from her trip to Phil's. Dorothy asks what she's doing home so soon. Sophia tells her that there was no reason for her to stay. Blanche thought that her grandson's graduation was next week. Sophia tells her there isn't going to be a graduation because he failed. Dorothy thinks she's kidding. Sophia says that all the boy did while she was there was drink beer and shot beer cans with a BB gun. Rose and Jonathan come back out of the kitchen to see Sophia has arrived home. Dorothy introduces Sophia to Jonathan. Sophia says that she hopes she's not being rude, but she just came back from a long trip and requests that she head off to bed. Jonathan says it was nice meeting her. Sophia asks if she can talk with Dorothy for a minute. Sophia asks Dorothy if Jonathan is a little person. Dorothy says yes. Sophia is thankful because she was afraid she was having another stroke. Jonathan notes that it's really getting late so he should probably be going. Blanche thanks him for coming and Dorothy hopes that he will visit them again soon. Rose says that she'll see him tomorrow at work. Jonathan asks Rose if they can have dinner after work tomorrow, and says that he wants to talk with her about something important. Rose agrees, and Jonathan heads home. Rose asks what they think of him. Blanche says that he is a really good man, and Dorothy agrees as well. Rose says that they are glad they feel that way because she thinks that Jonathan is going to ask her to marry him. In the kitchen, we hear Blanche drop some dishes after hearing that statement.

Dorothy asks why Rose thinks Jonathan will ask her to marry him. Rose says that Jonathan has always wanted to remarry and she thinks their relationship is getting serious. She also tells them about Jonathan asking her to dinner to talk about something serious so she really is confident that's what it is. Dorothy asks how she feels about that. Rose says she doesn't know. She says that she likes him a lot, but isn't sure. Dorothy notes that she was hesitant about having Jonathan meet them because she thought it might be embarrassing. Rose tells her that she's right, and that she hates feeling that way. She says that when she's alone with Jonathan, it is wonderful, but that around other people she feels very uncomfortable. Rose says that it bothers her when people stare at them and talk about them. She knows that she shouldn't feel that way, but she does. Rose says that the size of a man shouldn't make or break a relationship. Blanche starts to say something, but Dorothy tells her not to say a word. Dorothy comments that Rose is in a relationship with special problems, and only she and Jonathan can decide whether they are going to proceed and work them out or not. Blanche tells Rose that she can appreciate what she's going through because she went through a similar situation herself. Rose asks if Blanche dated a little person. Blanche says she was referring to a high school relationship she had with a boy named Benjamin. She tells them that in her day, a lot of things in the south were still considered taboo, and certain people weren't supposed to mix. She says that she had to meet with Benjamin in private and knew that if someone found out there would be a big scandal. She says that one day, Benjamin invited her to the senior prom, and she had to make an important decision. She had to decide between a boy she liked and an unjust society. Dorothy asks what she did. She says that she decided to go to the ball with Benjamin, and despite the heads turning and the rumors, she says that she hasn't regretted it. Rose says that it's a great story, and that it must have taken courage for both of them to go to the ball. Dorothy says that it is terrible that she was almost not able to go to the ball with Benjamin just because he was black. Blanche says that Benjamin wasn't black, he was from New Jersey. She says that she went to the senior ball with a Yankee. Dorothy is incredulous that the hard decision was over the fact he was a Yankee. Rose says that she doesn't know what she's going to do, and Blanche has made her more confused than ever. Rose heads into her bedroom, and Blanche and Dorothy follow. Dorothy asks Rose if there's anything that they can do to help her. Rose says that she has to decide this for herself. Blanche tells Rose that she should sleep on it, and that should give her the answer she's looking for. Dorothy and Blanche leave the room. Outside, Dorothy still can't believe that Blanche tried to motivate Rose with the Yankee going to the ball story.

Rose falls asleep and has a dream about the situation. She dreams that she is lying in bed wearing a wedding dress. Blanche and Dorothy come into the room, and tell her that everyone is waiting for her to come out to the wedding. Rose admits that she doesn't think that she can go through with this. Blanche asks if she and Jonathan had a fight. Rose says they didn't. She just thinks that marrying Jonathan is a mistake. She notes that Jonathan is a lot shorter than she is, but Blanche and Dorothy say that they didn't notice. Rose asks how they couldn't have noticed because wherever they go people end up staring at them. Blanche says that they might be looking at her and tells her that her hair dye color has been out of style for years. Sophia comes into the room in a priest's outfit and tells them all to get moving so that they can get the wedding going. Rose asks why Sophia is in a priest's outfit. Sophia says that she is the one that's going to marry them. Rose says that doesn't make any sense. Sophia asks what more she wants from her because it's her dream. Blanche tells Rose it's time to get married. Rose tells them that she's just not ready. Dorothy says that she can't disappoint the guests. Rose says that she has to think what's best for her. Dorothy says that only applies to real life, and in dreams she has to do what's best for the guests. Then, another little person enters the room, and Rose calls him Daddy. Blanche asks if this is supposed to be her deceased dad. Rose says yes. Dorothy notes that a lot of people went through a lot just to make it to her wedding. He tells her that he heard that she was getting married and she wanted to meet the man. Rose notes that she always thought that her father was much taller than he is now. Dorothy says that is because his size never mattered to her growing up. Blanche says that when you care about someone, you care about what is on the inside. Rose's father tells the women that he was actually taller in real life, but that he appeared to Rose this size in the dream to prove a point. Rose notes that her father always did know the right thing to do. Rose asks her father if she thinks that they'll be happy together. Rose's father tells Rose to follow her heart, and tells her that nobody can predict the future. Blanche tells her that isn't necessarily true, and reveals that well-known psychic Jean Dickson. Jean comes in and introduces herself to Rose. Rose asks for Jean to tell her what the future holds. Jean starts telling her random things about the future, but Rose asks for her to predict what her own future holds. Jean tells Rose she's not getting a clear picture on Rose and Jonathan. Dorothy and Blanche thank her for her help, and escort her out of the room. Jonathan comes out of the bathroom and asks Rose what the problem is. Rose tells her that she's confused. She tells the other people to exit the room so that she and Jonathan can talk privately. As they leave, Sophia comments that she doesn't understand why they're in the dream if Rose is just going to kick them out. When they leave, Rose tells Jonathan that she doesn't know if she can go through with this. Jonathan tells her that although this isn't the best relationship in the world, he cares about her deeply and says that if she feels the same they can tackle any problem big or small. Rose says that she does care for him. Jonathan asks if she will marry him. Rose says yes, and this brings her out of her dream. Blanche and Dorothy come back into the room and wake her up. Rose tells them that she just had the weirdest dream about Jonathan. Blanche asks if it was a bad dream. Rose tells them that it actually helped her decide what she wants to do with their relationship. She says that she wants to keep seeing him, and if they care about each other that much, they can work out any problem big or small. Sophia comes in and asks what's going on. Blanche reveals that Rose is going to keep seeing Jonathan. Sophia says that's fine then jokes that they're all adults here so he can have the pillowcase when he sleeps over.

The next evening, Rose and Jonathan are on their dinner date. Jonathan asks how the food tasted. Rose tells him that the food was great, and adds that she loves French food. Rose asks what Jonathan had. Jonathan says he had trout. Rose asks what they call it in France. Jonathan says it is le trout. Rose says that French is so romantic and she loves the food, the wine, and the company. Jonathan tells her that he's been putting this off all evening, but he has to tell her something. Rose asks what it is about. Jonathan says it's about their relationship. He tells her that even though they've only dated for a few weeks, he says that their relationship is starting to look a little serious. Rose says she feels the same way. Jonathan says that he cares for her a lot, but that there is something that they cannot continue to ignore. He tells her in a relationship each person has to accept the other for who they are and he says he doubts that can happen between the two of them. Rose tells him that he's wrong, and tells him that she's thought it through and she reveals it doesn't bother her at all that he's a little person. Jonathan tells her that's not what he was referring to, and says that it is him who can't see her anymore because she isn't Jewish. Rose is incredulous. Jonathan tells her that it is a tough decision and he definitely thought long and hard about it. Rose can't believe she's dumping her because she isn't Jewish. Jonathan tells her to try and understand because he is from a very religious family. Rose gets very angry and yells that she has been agonizing over saving the relationship and he has the nerve to do this to her because she isn't Jewish. Jonathan asks that she lower her voice because people are staring at her. Rose says that they're not just staying at her, they're staring at him. Jonathan jokes that he's used to it because he's a very snappy dresser. Rose and Jonathan suddenly start chuckling, and Rose apologizes for doing that saying that she was upset. Jonathan chuckles and says that he can now see that it's definitely been a difficult relationship for the both of them. Rose says that it was a wonderful relationship, and tells him that she is going to miss him. Jonathan says that he is going to miss her too. The waiter comes over to the table and asks the two of them how the shrimp was. Rose comments that unfortunately she'll never know. She tells him that he's Jewish so that's why they can't see each other anymore. The waiter walks away, and the episode ends with Rose and Jonathan staring at each other.