The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 13

A Little Romance

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 1985 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof (Continuity): Sofia claims to get along with Phil's wife alright, but in "Ebbtide's Revenge", she cannot stand her.

    • Tony Carreiro who plays the waiter in the restaurant in this episode returns later in the season in the episode entitled "Flu Attack" to play yet another waiter. He returns once more in a fifth season episode entitled "72 Hours" to play Rose's doctor. Most may know him best from his role as Joe, Daphne's love interest on Frasier.

  • Quotes

    • Dorothy: Ma, what are you doing?
      Sophia: What does it look like? I'm putting clam sauce in my suitcase.
      Dorothy: I think they serve a snack on the plane.
      Sophia: Ha, ha. You kill me.

    • Blanche: So, Rose, you're seeing a psychiatrist.
      Sophia: It's about time. The woman gives names to her gingerbread men.

    • Blanche: I've found a great way to meet more men.
      Sophia: "More men? You're gonna need a turnstile in your bedroom.

    • (After Blanche has told of her forbidden affair with a Yankee.)
      Dorothy: A Yankee! That is incredible! And to think they made a movie about that deadbeat Ghandi when there's a story like this that hasn't been told.

    • Blanche: (opening the door for Jonathan and mistaking him for someone else) Oh, sorry, little boy, we already get the newspaper delivered. (closes door in his face)
      Dorothy: Who was that?
      Blanche: Oh, just one of the Donaldson kids, trying to sell us a magazine subscription.
      Dorothy: (doorbell rings again) Oh, those Donaldson boys won't take no for an answer. (opens door)
      Jonathan: Hello, I'm Dr. Jonathan Newman.
      Dorothy: (long pause) Are you absolutely sure?
      Jonathan: Yes. May I come in?
      Dorothy: Oh, of course, of course, please come in. May I take your height--I mean, your hat?

    • Blanche: Small world, isn't it?
      Jonathan: Not from where I'm standing.
      Blanche: (embarrassed) Oh, I did it again! I'm sorry.
      Jonathan: Oh, don't be sorry, Blanche. You don't need to feel strange about my height. I'm not. Everyone has something about themselves that they wish they could change. The trick is getting past it. Now, don't get me wrong--I'd love to know what it feels like to be the center on the Boston Celtics--but all in all, I'm pretty happy with who I am.
      Rose: Oh, he gives me goosebumps when he talks like that!

    • Dorothy: (about Jonathan) What a delightful man. You know, he has the most positive attitude of anyone I have ever met.
      Blanche: And he's wearing the most adorable little suit I've ever seen!
      Dorothy: You just can't help yourself, can you, Blanche?

    • Dorothy: (in Rose's dream, about her wedding) You can't disappoint the guests.
      Rose: The guests? But I have to think about what's best for me!
      Dorothy: That's only in real life. In dreams, you do what's best for the guests!

    • Sophia: That guy over he a midget?
      Dorothy: Yes, Ma.
      Sophia: Thank God, I thought I was having another stroke!

    • Rose: I'm not mad!
      Blanche: Oh yes, you are. I can tell. When you're mad, you purse those little lips up until they almost disappear. See?
      Dorothy: (calling out to Blanche) Have her lips come out yet?
      Blanche: Nope, she's still mad at me.
      Rose: I'm not mad! But if I were, I'd have every reason to be.
      Dorothy: Oh, honey, come on. You look like you're about to swallow your chin!

    • Sophia: My son married a welder. Too bad she didn't weld his zipper shut; they got ten kids they can't afford.

    • Blanche: He analyzed my dream.
      Dorothy: What dream?
      Blanche: The one where I'm running naked through a train going through tunnel after tunnel while a sweaty bodybuilder chases me. He said he thinks it's sexual.
      Dorothy: He thinks? For God's sake, Blanche, you smoke a cigarette after that dream.

    • Dorothy: Rose has decided to keep seeing Jonathan.
      Sophia: Fine, but Rose we're all adults here. Let the man out of the pillowcase; we don't mind if he sleeps over.

  • Notes

    • Rose and Jonathan both had issues with their relationship. Rose was concerned because Jonathan was a little person. Jonathan was concerned because Rose wasn't Jewish.

    • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche in Rose's room during the dream sequence, as Blanche pulls Rose's leg up in the air, trying to get her off the bed.

    • In the dream sequence, Rose's father appears, albeit he is supposed to be much smaller to prove a point. However, it is not mentioned that he is her adopted father.

    • Terry Hughes received an Emmy nomination for Best Directing in a Comedy Series for this episode.

    • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series.

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