The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 21

A Midwinter Night's Dream (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 29, 1992 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Dorothy: It really has been like Shakespeare with magic and moonlight and falling in love with the wrong people. What is it that Puck says at the end of A Midsummer Night's Dream? "If we shadows have offended, think but this, and all is mended, that you have but slumbered here while these visions did appear. And this weak and idle theme, no more yielding but a dream.

    • Dorothy: I've never been good at keeping secrets.
      Sophia: What about the secret you kept when you took me to Shady Pines?
      Dorothy: Ma, I swear I didn't sleep more than 7 hours that night.

    • Derek: Rose, has anyone ever told you that your eyes are as blue as the Mediterranean in summer?
      Rose: No, but I've been warned that if I cross them they'll stay that way.

    • Blanche: A tossed salad could outwit you!

    • Blanche: (about Derek) He's British...and you know what that means!
      Dorothy: You've completed your "men-of-western-europe collection?"

    • Sophia: Maybe the paper boy is right...I'm just a mean old woman.

    • Sophia: It was more fun tripping the Rabbi. Is he still around?

  • Notes

    • In the original (1 hour) version, the end credits feature a Weather Broadcast, set to be from the Miami area, talking about the Lunar pull. When shown in Syndication on Lifetime, this ending is not shown.

    • This episode originally aired in a one-hour block along with its second part, however, syndication generally shows them in two seperate blocks. Meawhile, Empty Nest and Nurses ran leap year themed episodes as well when they originally aired.

    • Kristy McNichol (Barbara Weston) crosses over from Empty Nest in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Dorothy: It was just a kiss!
      Sophia: Please! I haven't seen such face eating since Silence of the Lambs.

      Sophia is referencing Anthony Hopkins' psychotic character in said movie, who had a penchant for eating human flesh.