The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 9

A Visit From Little Sven

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1987 on NBC

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  • "It's like living in a house full of Howie Mandels." Fortunately for the show, this is not a true statement.

    A Visit from Little Sven is a gem of an episode. The Golden Girls was on a roll. By this point in the series, each episode was rapid-fire with one-liners, intelligent comedy, and entertaining storylines. This is The Golden Girls at the top of its game.

    Guest star Casey Sander plays Little Sven with humorous humility. His opening scene with the girls is tremendous. Blanche, with her flirtatious "Get out of here" is followed by the most appropriate "Well, it was nice meeting you, folks" as Little Sven begins to leave the house. Blanche's perfect summation: "I never thought I'd say this, but I think Rose got all the brains in the family." Great stuff.

    Also especially touching was Blanche's subtle yet certain appreciation for Sven's analysis of her. At the core of Blanche is someone who likes to be liked, and Sven apparently likes her for who she is.

    That is until Olga, Sven's predetermined bride, shows up. All looks and no substance. Perfect for Sven: "Wow!" he says with the eyes of testosterone enhancement. Of course, Blanche is devastated. But her on-again, off-again boyfriend calls and asks her to go boating. Blanche returns to form, and all is well in middle-aged Miami.

    The subplot was also hilarious. I love the banter between Dorothy and Sophia, and this episode was noteworthy in that respect. Sophia wants to learn how to drive, but Dorothy is hesitant. It becomes apparent why after a "test run". Dorothy exclaims how she almost ran over an old lady. Sophia's retort: "She's already in a wheelchair. How much more damage could I do?"

    So Sophia's solution: get a fake license. Yes!

    Big points for this episode. This is the golden age for The Golden Girls.
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