The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 9

A Visit From Little Sven

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1987 on NBC

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  • Little Sven is in town.

    Apart from the one scene in Rose's room where Sven and Blanche have a chat, this episode has all four girls at their best.
    There's no doubt as to why Bea Arthur won an Emmy in Season 3, she steals the show with her calm and witty portrayal of Dorothy.
    About Blanche: 'Big Deal, more people get to kiss you than the pope's ring'

    Rose's ignorance and innocance serve as a wonderful platform for comedy.
    Rose buys a cake from the 'get it while its hot' erotic bake shop. Shaped as a penis Rose is shocked thinking 'it was in the shape of florida'.

    Sophia wants to learn how to drive. Dorothy isn't thrilled about the idea but decides to give her a try. However, after their first driving session together, this all changes. Dorothy: You almost ran over mrs. berlfine!
    Sophia: The woman was in a wheelchair, how much more damage could i do!.
    Blanche: Dorothy why is your lip stick smeered
    Dorothy: I just kissed our drive way

    Blanche's past never ceased to disappoint me
    '2468, who will Blanche no longer date, Cobwerth' Hilarious episode.