The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 9

A Visit From Little Sven

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1987 on NBC



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    • Rose: Blanche, you have to go in there and talk to him!
      Blanche: I will, I will... it's just that I'm not very good at it. I was only blessed with one talent - turning men on. I've just never known how to turn them off. You tell him, Dorothy!
      Dorothy: I would, Blanche, but remember, we just want to turn him off... not drain the sex drive completely out of him!!

    • Dorothy: I am never getting into a car with you again, ever!
      Sophia: I can't believe you're being such a wimp!
      Dorothy: Ma, you went through the stop sign, you hit a mailbox... you almost ran over Mrs. Pearlfine!
      Sophia: Please, the woman's already in a wheelchair, how much more damage could I do?

    • (about Sven's father/grandfather, Big Sven and Big Sven 2)
      Rose: We call them Big Sven and Big Sven 2, like Jaws and Jaws 2!
      Dorothy: Did you have a relative named Psycho and Psycho 2?

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