The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 20

Adult Education

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 1986 on NBC

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  • Blanche stands up for her morals.

    It was great to see Blanche standing up for herself, but in later episodes we would learn that she slept with men for favors. I liked the ticket story and Dorothy getting them all arrested and that it was her fault that they didn't get to go. That was very funny.
  • There is something unique about the classroom blanche is in

    The classroom that Blanche is in, when taking her course, is the same one used in the episode "Yes, We Have No Havannas". I think, but an not sure, it was also used in the episode where Dorothy took the final showdown for Jeopardy. Blanche is the only one who is in that classroom for the first tme showing it, Dorothy is in that classroom twice, Sophia and Rose are in that same classroom only one time. It is unique to use the same set more than once during a whole show's run. And there are more that are reused.
  • Blanche is harassed and dorothy wants Sinatra tickets

    I love this episode it definitely one of my favourites
    The main plot of Blanche being harassed, symbolises a bit of an inner Journey for the character. At first she is actually considering professor coopers 'Offer' but eventually ends up telling him off by telling him to kiss her A, much to the delight of the live Audience

    The Stories Dorothy told about her past experiences were really well written
    When she talks about her speech problem and how it's different for kids these days because they have barbara Walters to look up to
    That killed me
    Such clever writing

    The story that Rose tells is probably my favorite St. Olaf story ever
    She is so dumb
    'Arrange the scoops in an obcsene way'

    Its good seeing dorothy up and about, trying to get some Frank Sinatra tickets, and how sophia was albe to get third row centre tickets?. I will never know, but unfortunately they didnt even get to see sinatra, because Dorothy sold the tickets to an undercover policeman. OH WELL

    All in all a great episode