The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 24

All Bets Are Off

Aired Unknown Apr 28, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • A series low, the episode attracted 22.4 million people, and ranked #17 for the week.

    • This is the final episode that Terry Hughes, known as "the fifth golden girl," would direct. Lex Passaris would direct the majority of the show's final two seasons, with some help from Matthew Diamond and Peter D. Beyt.

    • At the end of this show, Rose hopes that Dorothy is finally cured of her gambling problem. Dorothy mentions that you are never really cured. But Rose said the same thing when she came back from rehab with a drug problem. Wouldn't she more or less know what Dorothy is going through?

    • When Sophia is going over Dorothy's resume, she suggests she put down anthropological research starting in 1946, which meant her marriage to Stan. But, Dorothy and Stan got married in 1949 when she was 17.

    • Dorothy's uncharacteristic gambling problem surfaces again and it is mentioned how she almost lost everything when she and Stan were married, but on "The Audit", Dorothy explains how careful she had always been with her money and it's made quite clear that Stan was the irresponsible one.

    • Interesting how much Sophia abhors gambling in this episode and yet in other episodes Sophia is involved in countless get rich quick schemes - kid Pepe, the sandwich business with Rose, the pizza stand with Max, renting out the house to borders, etc.

      To add: Not to mention, Sophia openly visits the dog track in several episodes, and gambles with Rose's mother through the entire episode.

  • Quotes

    • Rose

    • Rose: I can't do autumn in St. Olaf because of the falling leaf tragedy.
      Dorothy: Rose, if this is about some guy named Leaf, I don't want to hear it.
      Rose: It's not very long.
      Dorothy: No.
      Rose: It has a surprise ending.
      Dorothy: Allright Rose, cut to the ending as quickly as possible!
      Rose: ...Splat!

    • Rose: I've done Spring in St. Olaf, Summer in St. Olaf, and Winter in St. Olaf.
      Donald: Why haven't you done the Fall of St. Olaf?
      Rose: Because it hasn't happened yet.
      Blanche: I think he's referring to Autumn.

    • (Blanche, coming from a date, bursts through the front door looking very upset)
      Dorothy: Blanche what's wrong, you're shaking?
      Blanche: I have been humiliated and degraded.
      Sophia: Many times, what's so different now?

    • Blanche: Sophia, I've decided to wear this little watch on a chain nestled cunningly in my cleavage. Do I need anything else?
      Sophia: Implants.

    • Rose: (referring to a possum) All the men loved her.
      Blanche: You mean males.
      Rose: No I mean men.

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