The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 18

An Illegitimate Concern

Aired Unknown Feb 12, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode Sophia hates Gladys Goldfiend, and can't wait to stick it to her by beating her in the beauty pageant, but next season, in "Miles To Go", they're great friends, and are going to see Tony Bennett together.

    • In a previous interview, Beatrice Arthur (Dorothy) claimed that this episode was one of her all-time favorites, specifically the scene where she and Sophia dress up as Sonny and Cher. "I wept because it was so clever," Arthur has said of the storyline idea.

    • Viewed by 31.3 million people, and ranked #8 for the week.

    • Right before Dorothy comes into the room dressed as Cher, the piano player (Betty White does not play the piano) plays a wrong chord.

    • RESPONSE TO BELOW: Dorothy says the last time Sophia told her she was beautiful was June 1, 1949. If that were true that means that June 1, 1987 would have marked Dorothy and Stan's 38th wedding anniversary. However, at the start of the show (1985) they had already been divorced for 2 years, since (1983). This is another error.

    • Dorothy says she was married on June 1, 1949. If this is true when the show started in 1985 Dorothy and Stan would have been married 36 years but they had already been divorced for 2 years after 38 years of marriage.

    • In this episode Dorothy says the last time Sophia told her she was beautiful was on her wedding day June 1, 1949. In episode 68 Uncle Angelo (who was there to wish Dorothy and Stan a happy 40th wedding anniversary) says that they were married on the 25th.

  • Quotes

    • Blanche: Oh, for goodness sakes! Why, you two could be celebrity look-a-likes.
      Dorothy: Oh, Blanche, you really think so?
      Blanche: Well, absolutely! So which one's Cheech and which one's Chong?
      Sophia: I'm Sonny Bono, you idiot!
      Dorothy: Gee, I wonder how many maitre'ds have heard that line.

    • Blanche: Why did George cheat on me?
      Rose: Why does any man cheat?
      Dorothy: Well, there are two popular theories: 1 - Men are victims of an evolutionary process which genetically programs their sexual drives.
      Blanche: What's the other one?
      Dorothy: Men are scum.

    • (David tells Blanche that he's her late husband's illegitimate son)
      Blanche: Get out of my house. I did not hear what you just said.
      Rose: Well, if she didn't hear what he said, and she was this upset, can you imagine?--
      Dorothy: Shut up, Rose!

    • Sophia: Bad idea. You wear black at Shady Pines they'll stop the show for a head count.

    • Rose: And the shocker is, I lost out on the intelligence quiz. They asked me to name the seven dwarfs. But apparently I didn't name the seven they had in mind.

    • Rose: Maybe there's another George Deveraux who lived in Miami.
      David: This was the address in my mother's book.
      Rose: Who also lived in this house.

    • (Rose quits playing the piano, abruptly stopping Dorothy & Sophia's singing.)
      Dorothy: Rose, what's wrong, there's another verse.
      Rose: I'm sorry, but this song always takes me back to St. Olaf in the sixties, and the controversial issue that nearly tore the town apart.
      Dorothy: What, Rose, Vietnam? Civil Rights? Campus Unrest?
      Rose: Opposite side of the street parking! I mean, nobody could understand the concept. It doesn't matter which side of the street you park on there's always an opposite side!

    • Blanche: Oh I can't sleep. It must be from living with old people.

    • (Sophia comes out in the living room dressed as Sonny Bono. Rose, sitting at the piano, is shocked.)
      Sophia: Well, Rose, do I look like the mayor of Palm Springs?
      Rose: Doug Henning is the mayor of Palm Springs?
      (Sophia rolls her eyes.)
      Sophia: Just play the music, Rose.

  • Notes

    • In this episode, we learn George cheated on Blanche with another woman and fathered her child, David. Incidentally, Blanche's grandson is also named David.

    • There's an interesting part in this episode: it features Sonny & Cher's classic hit, "I Got You Babe." It is sung by Dorothy and Sophia when they test it for a possible act for the mother/daughter pageant. Rose is the person who's playing the music while they sing.

    • This episode aired on a Monday.

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