The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 16

And Then There Was One

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1987 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: At one point, Rose suggests a game of hide-and-seek to the kids, to which they eagerly agree as they follow her into the house. A minute later, though, they all come out and start playing a marching game.

    • There are a few close-up shots of baby Emily from her bassinet, and from there, it is clear that they used a real baby. Every other time, though, when one of the girls is holding the baby, you can totally tell it's fake. They obviously wrapped a doll or something in the pink blanket, because there was no movement coming from the blanket, and the girls sometimes handled it a little too roughly to pass it off as realistic.

    • Sophia tells the girls that she had several calls from well-wishers the night she came home from her walkathon. Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose obviously weren't aware that so many calls were coming in at that time. The thing is, they were obviously waiting all night to hear from baby Emily's parents, so if the phone was ringing that much throughout the night, wouldn't they have heard it and wondered if one of the callers was Emily's parents?

    • When Emily's father finally showed up the morning after the walkathon, he claimed that he called the girls the night before and spoke with Sophia to tell them why he couldn't pick Emily up. There are several things wrong with this. First of all, Sophia went to bed almost immediately after she got home, so she couldn't have been taking any calls if she was asleep. Secondly, even if Emily's father did call then, it was well after dark by the time Sophia got home, and he should have telephoned them long before that point. Also, Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche were waiting by the phone all night to hear from either Emily's parents or Child Services, so it's very unlikely that the man's phone call would have gone unnoticed by them. Even when Rose and Dorothy left to go to the convenience store, Blanche stayed home with the baby.

    • In the scene where the bratty little boy Norman smashes everyone's clay creation, look closely at the little girl in pink. After Rose smashes Norman's clay formation to get even with him, she stands up, and you can see that the little girl's clay is completely back intact.

    • In this episode the girls are babysitting what looks like a very young infant ( less than 6 months old). When the father comes to pick up Emily, he says that he called and told Sophia that he couldn't make it because his wife had given birth to triplets. How could they have a baby less than 6 months old and be giving birth to triplets already?

      Reply: The parents may have adopted Emily right after her birth, and discovered shortly thereafter that they were pregnant. It happens.

  • Quotes

    • Rose: Norman I'd like youto meet my friends, this is Dorothy.

      Dorothy: Hello Norman.

      Norman: It's the Bride of Frankenstien

    • Dorothy: Blanche, every time I turn around you have the baby in your arms.
      Blanche: Dorothy, its just amazing - every time I pick her up she stops fussing and goes back to sleep!
      Dorothy: Well you shouldn't do that! The baby won't get used to sleeping alone.
      Blanche: Well you never get used to sleeping alone - I haven't.
      Dorothy: Please, siamese twins sleep alone more than you do.

    • Dorothy: (when Rose suggests participating in a marathon) Rose, I work all week. The last thing I want to do is walk 15 miles on a Saturday.
      Rose: We won't be walking, we'll be sitting.
      Blanche: Ooh, now that sounds fine. I like sitting.
      Sophia: We know. It's your second favorite position!

    • Norman: Isn't that outfit a little young for you?
      Dorothy: Oh, Blanche, don't let him bother you...although he is right about the outfit.

    • Blanche: I think maybe we need to come to the terms with the fact that Sophia may be right.
      Rose: What do you mean?
      Blanche: Maybe little Emily has been abandoned.

    • Dorothy: Let's go to that 24-hour mart.
      Rose: Good idea! Do you think it's open?
      Dorothy: That's usually what 24-hour means.

    • Dorothy: Ma, I want you to go slow and pace yourself.
      Sophia: That's what I used to tell your father. The only thing he did faster than eat was make love, and in both cases, he would pat his stomach and say, "I've had enough."

    • Rose: Are the babies asleep yet?
      Dorothy: No, they're just pretending so I'll leave and they can talk about me.
      Rose: Oh, I'm sure they only have nice things to say about you.
      Dorothy: Rose, I'm kidding. I know babies can't talk.
      Rose: Oh, yes they can! It's just that they're only understood by other babies... and in advanced civilizations far, far away.
      Dorothy: Like where Vero Beach?

    • Rose: Norman, would you like to play with the Potato Head?
      Norman: OK. What do you feel like doing?

    • Norman: This really bites.
      Dorothy: Norman, what would you like to do?
      Norman: Well, I like Army men.
      Blanche: Oh, there was one here on Tuesday, but he had to go back to the base.
      Dorothy: Blanche, I think he means the little men with the the helmets.
      Blanche: Oh, sorry, I only date officers.

    • Norman's Dad: Here's a list of Norman's likes and dislikes.
      Rose: But these are only dislikes.
      Norman's Dad: Yeah, that's my Norman. And fortunately for me, today he's your Norman.

    • Dorothy: Ma, what is that you're eating?
      Sophia: Linguini with clam sauce!
      Dorothy: For breakfast?

    • Sophia: And then it happened. What every runner dreads. I hit the wall.
      Dorothy: Oh, Ma, you ran out of steam.
      Sophia: No, I actually hit a wall. They put up a new Wendy's over on Collins Avenue.

  • Notes

    • Ranked #10 for the week.

    • The background shot during the closing credits features Rose (on couch, with phone in hand), Dorothy (on chair near kitchen with baby in arms) and Blanche standing in the background.

    • Nat Bernstein, who plays the father of baby Emily in this episode, also appeared in "Before and After" (which aired right before this episode) as Rose's doctor.

    • Comedian Ray Combs (Bob Henderson) would later host the first six years of the 1988-1995 revival of of Family Feud on CBS and in syndication. Combs committed suicide on June 12, 1996, by hanging himself in his hospital room.

    • Sophia mentioned she's been walking since 1904, making her 82 or 83 (depending on the month if she was born in 1904) in this episode.

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