The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 9

Blanche and the Younger Man

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1985 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Rose's dynamic mother comes to Miami for a visit and it becomes apparent to everyone that Rose needs to lay off and stop smothering her energetic mother who just wants to live life. Meanwhile, Blanche is shocked when her aerobics instructor asks her out on a date, but she is concerned because he is half her age and she does all she can to make herself look younger.moreless

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  • At some point we all turn around and start treating our parents like children.

    This was a good episode because it showed that all mothers and sons turn around and treat their parents like children at some point. I think it was a good episode as it proved that although Rose cornered her mother, she did it out of loving and understanding. I think Alma was a very funny character and the connection between her and Sophia was very funny.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In this episode Sophia said that she used to be a blonde. However in "Whose Face is this anyway", Sophia said that she used to have red hair.

    • Alma and Rose play mother and daughter in this episode, but in reality, Jeanette Nolan (Alma) is only ten years older than Betty White (Rose)!

    • It is revealed in this episode, though not exact, that Blanche is over 50.

    • In this episode there is no mention of Rose being adopted. The way her and Alma interact, there is no dialogue to indicate that Alma is not her biological mother.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Sophia: She stuck around to play hi li.
      Dorothy: Why didn't you stay?
      Sophia: I'm too short to play hi li.

    • Blanche: He was looking for a mother not a lover.
      Rose: I think it's sweet.
      Blanche: You would Betty Crocker.

    • [Blanche is exercising in a crouched position as Dorothy watches]
      Dorothy: The only time I get in that position is when I give birth.

    • Rose: I want you all to meet my mother, Mrs. Lindstrom. THIS IS BLANCHE AND THIS IS DOROTHY AND SOPHIA!
      Alma Lindstrom: IT WAS JUST FINE!
      (to Rose)
      Alma Lindstrom: Which one of them is hard of hearing?

    • Dorothy: (while Blanche is exercising vigorously) Are you all right?
      Blanche: No, but it's worth it. No pain, no gain. I've gotta look good for Dirk. A man his age is used to a woman with a trim body and good tone.
      Dorothy: Then buy him a Princess phone.

    • Sophia: Did this Ben teach you how to gamble?
      Alma: He taught me how to play cards and how to carve a pistol out of soap. (Cocking her finger and clicking her tongue)

    • Alma: I hired a farm hand. He was such a nice young man. He raved about my cooking. I guess they didn't feed him very well in prison.

    • Rose: You dated a younger man!
      Dorothy: Yes, Rose. Of course, it was before I had the hump on my back.

    • Alma: Let's see. These are worth a dollar a piece. I have 20 to 30 pretzel sticks here.
      (Sophia smashes the pretzel sticks)
      Sophia: (Sarcastically) Now you got pretzel dust.

    • Blanche: Waiter. 86 the water cress. I'll have the orange duck and a double Jack Daniels on the rocks.

    • Blanche: Read any good books lately?
      Dirk: Pumping Iron. I saw the movie, too, but I don't think it did the book justice.

    • Sophia: The one thing you never do is treat me like an old lady. you treat me like a person. I appreciate that. You're a good daughter, Dorothy.
      Dorothy: Ma, I'm overwhelmed. I don't know what to say.
      Sophia: I could tell you what to say. You could say I don't owe you the $50.

    • Alma: I merely flagged a policeman to ask for directions and before I knew it, he dragged me to the police station.

    • (After fixing the kitchen sink)
      Dorothy: Blanche thinks she's Peter Pan and Rose is turning into Mommie Dearest.
      Sophia: That's nothing. You think you're Josephine: the Plummer.

    • (After speaking with Dirk)
      Blanche: I do believe the man said "gorgeous". I'm gonna to live forever.
      Dorothy: Not outside an institution.

    • Blanche: A husband like Dirk could keep me young another 20 years.
      Sophia: Or kill ya!

    • Alma: Sophia. What time does that mall close? I feel like getting wild. I'll buy you some of that bikini underwear
      Sophia: Nah, it ride up on me!

    • (After Rose comes home to be with her mother)
      Dorothy: No, my mother took her to the track.
      Rose: You let her out of the house?
      Dorothy: No. She dug a tunnel out of her bedroom with a dessert spoon.

    • (After Blanche tells a story about Andy Griffith)
      Dorothy: Didn't she tell us that story before?
      Sophia: Yes, but the last time it was Woolworth's, a toe nail clipper and John Cameron Swayze.

    • Blanche: (Referring about Dirk and Blanche's ages) I've decided to overlook that minor detail and succumb to the Vesuvius of Passion that is about to erupt from me.
      Sophia: Stand back. We're going to get something on us.

    • Rose: (To her mother) There's nothing wrong with taking a nap. Bob Hope takes naps.
      Sophia: Unless he's in the bedroom now taking one, I think she'd rather stay here with us.

    • Blanche: Mrs. Lindstrom, How would you like a little tour of our home while Rose is fixing that snack.
      Rose: Oh, I don't think this is a good time for that, Blanche. Mother's had a big day and I don't want her to get over tired.
      Dorothy: Well, she can skip the east wing, Rose.

    • (Going into the kitchen)
      Dorothy: You haven't even met Rose's mother.
      Sophia: I know a lot of old people. They're all the same. They're cranky, they're demanding, they repeat themselves. They're cranky, they're demanding.

    • Dorothy: My God, I hope Alma's all right.
      Sophia: Don't worry about Alma. She's a tough old broad!

    • Rose: (about her mother) How could she talk to me like that? I'm only trying to help her!
      Dorothy: Rose, can I talk to you from one daughter to another? When we were teenagers, do you remember what we wanted most from our mothers?
      Rose: A training bra?
      Dorothy: No. What we wanted most was to be treated like adults--then, as we get older, we turn around and treat our mothers like little girls. Honey, all your mother wants is to be treated like a woman. Is that asking too much?

    • Rose: Do you want to go back to the hospital? Did you have fun the last time?
      Alma: I had more fun than I'm having here with you.
      Rose: Mother!
      Alma: Don't "mother" me! You make me sorry I came!

    • Blanche: (Coming into the kitchen) I'm just a little depressed. For the first time in my life, I feel over forty.
      Dorothy: You know why that is, honey?
      Blanche: Why?
      Dorothy: Because you're over fifty.

    • Blanche: I'm getting younger with each passing day.
      Dorothy: Great, great. When they defrost Walt Disney, you'll have someone to go out with.

    • Blanche: This is strictly off the record, but Dirk is almost five years younger than I am.
      Dorothy: In what, Blanche? Dog years?

    • Blanche: Why Dirk, did I just hear you ask me for a date?
      Sophia: Are you deaf? I heard him from here.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Dorothy: Blanche thinks she's Peter Pan and Rose is turning into Mommie Dearest.
      Sophia: That's nothing. You think you're Josephine: The Plumber

      This quote is in reference to Peter Pan, who was a boy who refused to grow up, Mommie Dearest was a book and movie about a daughter's relationship with her cruel mother, Joan Crawford and Josephine: The Plumber who was the mascot and spokesperson for Comet Cleanser portrayed by Jane Withers.

    • Blanche: Read any good books lately?
      Dirk: Pumping Iron. I saw the movie, too, but I don't think it did the book justice.

      This quote is in reference to Pumping Iron which is a film and book that focuses on the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition in 1975 with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbu.