The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 1

Blanche Delivers

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1990 on NBC
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Blanche Delivers
Blanche's daughter wants to give birth in a birthing center while Blanche is preoccupied by the possibility of Rebecca delivering in a local hospital. Blanche doesn't want to be embarrassed by the fact that her daughter was artificially inseminated. Meanwhile, Rose decides to fulfill a childhood dream of becoming an ice skater.moreless

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  • Rose's Storie's

    i love Rose's St Olaf Stories they were so funny
  • Rebecca goes into labor.

    I loved the whole gang going to the birthing place and seeing Rose wear those ankle bands. It was very funny. I also thought it was great the heart-to-heart that Dorothy and Sophia had in the hospital waiting room. I also liked the baby ending when Blanche and Rebecca admire the baby. A very good season six episode.
  • I like the first Rebecca better.

    I suppose I can never get used to the Rebecca switch. I really liked the actress who played the first, full-figured Rebecca. The new one is too skinny and the feminist rhetoric gets old. I would have much preferred a follow-up with "Rebecca 1" after she dumps the loser, Jerry, and settles back into life in the US. I also thought Blanche wanting to put her on a diet was cute.moreless
  • A true trendsetter. . .

    This episode tells us about A.I. About how a woman can raise a child on her own, without the help of a man. It proves to America that women can make it on their own. And Blanche finds it hard to deal with considering the way she was brought up. However, in the end, as always, mother and daughter love each other again.

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Continuity: In this episode, Sophia says she was too poor to give birth to Dorothy in the hospital, but the season 4 finale has people claiming that their daughter and Dorothy were switched at birth in the hospital.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Blanche: You know, being at the birthing center today brought back vivid memories of when I delivered Rebecca. It was so wonderful. When I woke up, there she was in my arms, just as goofy and hung over as I was. I vowed right then and there to have 20 more!
      Rose: Well, what stopped you?
      Blanche: The drugs wore off.

    • Dorothy: Honey, why don't you just quit?
      Rose: Oh, they have a name for people for quit. They call them quitters!
      Sophia: Don't let them call you that, Rose. You make them stick with "idiot."

    • Rose: They've been in there an awfully long time.
      Sophia: it took me 3 days to have Dorothy, I finally coaxed her out, with a pork chop.

    • Blanche: (to Becky) You know, the first time I held you in my arms, I knew I was holding someone I'd love for the rest of my life.

    • Rebecca:I'm not having my baby in a hospital.I'm going to a natural birthing center.They emphasize natural childbirth in a relaxed atmosphere with no painkillers.Blanche: Becky,I know I told you where babies come from.Did I ever mention where they come OUT?

    • Dorothy: So how's being pregnant?
      Rebecca: Allright, except for the hormones. Yesterday I cried when the mail was late.
      Rose: Oh no, her mail was late!
      Dorothy: (to Becky) Can you imagine what she was like WITH hormones?

    • Dorothy: Becky, wouldn't you rather have your baby in a place with less stereo and more...
      (woman in labor screams)
      Dorothy: Morphine?
      Rebecca: Why is she screaming?
      Sophia: She's conscious.

    • (Rose is moving very slow with the weights on her ankles)
      Rose: I'm going to the store, is there anything you need?
      Dorothy: Is that as fast as you can go?
      Rose: Yes.
      Dorothy: Don't get any dairy.

    • (Rose is moving very slow with the weights on her ankles)
      Sophia: Rose, don't make fun of old people.

    • Dorothy: Put that down.
      (takes a glass of orange juice from Sophia.)
      Sophia: What?
      Dorothy: Since you're sleeping with me, no more liquids 'til Becky leaves.

    • Woman (voice only): Aaaaah!
      Tour Guide: Sounds like there's a mommy in the making.
      Rose: Sounds like there's a mommy on fire.

    • Rebecca: I was just wondering what being in labor feels like.
      Dorothy: Well, how do you feel?
      Rebecca: If I had any military secrets, I'd talk.
      Dorothy: Showtime!

    • Dorothy: Ma, you're hurting my feelings!
      Sophia: Not as much as you hurt my oonie.
      Dorothy: Ma!!

    • Dorothy: The contractions have been approximately 5 minutes apart for the last 45 minutes, I suggest that you check how dilated she is.
      Doctor: Gee, I never would have thought of that.

    • (Rebecca going into labor)
      Rebecca: Ooh, OOh, OOH!, YIKES!
      Sophia: Blanche, cut it out I'm trying to get some sleep.

    • Sophia: Do you wanna know why I call you pussycat, pussycat?
      Dorothy: Why Ma? Because you only gave me yarn for Christmas? Because you fed me once and I hung around? Because you used to put me out at night?
      Sophia: No. Because I love pussycats and I love you...and you were the only one in the family who could catch mice.

    • Rose: Am I crazy or did I hear screaming?
      Dorothy: Yes and yes.

    • Blanche: (after Rebecca delivers baby) Oh, would you look at him.
      Doctor: Mrs. Devereaux, that's the umbilical cord!

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