The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 14

Blanche's Little Girl

Aired Unknown Jan 09, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

In the first scene, Blanche is elated because her daughter Rebecca is coming for a visit. They haven't seen or spoken to each other for four years, because Rebecca wanted to pursue a modeling career in Paris, but Blanche objected to it. Rebecca angrily told Blanche to butt out of her life, and that led to a long estrangement between them. Now Rebecca has called her out of the blue and wants to see her. Blanche hopes that this will be a whole new beginning for them, and she even admits that Rebecca was always her favorite child, since they were so similar - thin, pretty, and popular with men.

In the next scene, Rebecca is on her way to the house. and Blanche is very nervous. She wants to look like a mother, so she puts on a modest suit - something she would probably never wear otherwise. She is determined to do everything right this time and get off to a good start with Rebecca. When the doorbell rings, Blanche freaks down and runs into the kitchen, because she's not ready to reunite with her daughter. Sophia opens the door for a young girl who is blonde, sweet...and extremely overweight. Sophia, Rose, and Dorothy are perplexed by this, since Blanche has been going on and on about how skinny and gorgeous Rebecca is. The girls hold an awkward conversation until Blanche comes in. She is shocked to see her daughter look this way, but she gives her a big hug and tells her how glad she is to see her. Sophia starts making some fat jokes, which Blanche doesn't like, but Rebecca says that she has lost her figure, not her sense of humor.

Blanche and Rebecca go into Rebecca's room to get her settled and talk for a while, just the two of them. Rebecca senses that Blanche is unhappy with her weight. Blanche tells her not to worry, that she will help her start a diet and stick to it. Rebecca doesn't want to do that, though. She claims that she is happy, and that she doesn't appreciate her mother trying to mold her into a perfect person, the way she did when Rebecca was a kid. Rebecca then goes on to say that if Blanche continues to act this way, she's going to leave again and not come back. This shakes Blanche up a little, and because she doesn't want anything like that to happen, she quickly reassures Rebecca that she loves her just the way she is. So for now, everything is going pretty smoothly, but there are some even bigger problems still to come.

Later, the girls are preparing for a visit from Rebecca's boyfriend, who flew in to see her and meet Blanche. When Jeremy shows up, he makes quite a negative impression by speaking cruelly to Rebecca. He is constantly criticizing her and making off-color jokes about her weight. Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia are upset by this, but they don't say anything. After dinner, when Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy are in the kitchen together, Dorothy and Rose tell Blanche that she needs to say something to Rebecca about what's happening. Blanche is very much against that, fearing that it will drive Rebecca away from her if she meddles in her personal life. The girls try to tell her that this is different, but she won't listen. Then Sophia comes in after being with Rebecca and Jeremy, and she reveals shocking news - the two of them are talking about getting married. Stunned, Blanche goes back into the living room and asks Rebecca if there's anything she needs to tell her. A beaming Rebecca announces that Jeremy has proposed to her, and she has accepted. Blanche is speechless and retreats to her room, leaving her daughter and her new fiance just sitting there.

The next day, Blanche is taking Rebecca and Jeremy to a baseball game. There is absolutely no indication that she has talked to Rebecca about any of this. They are all just going along as if nothing is wrong. Then Jeremy makes some more fat jokes to Rebecca, and Dorothy is so furious, she almost speaks up, but Blanche just hurries Rebecca and Jeremy out of the house before Dorothy can say a word. Once they are gone, Dorothy says that she feels compelled to say something, since Blanche obviously won't. Rose reminds her that it's Blanche's daughter who's making this decision, and although it's hard for them to just sit back and watch, it's really not their place to say or do anything about it.

In the next scene, Blanche and Rebecca are saying their good-byes. Rebecca and Jeremy have decided to just run off and get married without a big ceremony, and because she doesn't want to cause problems with her daughter, Blanche agrees. She and Rebecca are having a hard time saying good-bye, but it's even more difficult as an extremely rude Jeremy keeps trying to rush them along. He is making one inconsiderate comment after another. Blanche finally snaps and orders Rebecca to follow her in the kitchen immediately, so they can talk privately. Once there, Blanche asks her why she's doing this, and why she's putting up with a man who treats her so terribly. Rebecca finally comes clean and admits that she wants a husband and children, and she feels that Jeremy is her only hope. Blanche tries to tell her that she's too good for him, and that it's a big mistake making Jeremy think she needs him, because in truth, it's the other way around - Jeremy's the one who needs her, because he's such a jerk, no other girl would have him. Rebecca gets angry, claiming that Blanche is only saying these things because she is ashamed of her. Blanche tries to tell her it's not true, but Rebecca storms out of the house with Jeremy and doesn't look back, despite Blanche's pleas for her not to go. Upset and near tears at this point, Blanche goes off to her room.

Later that evening, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia are all concerned that a depressed Blanche went straight to bed at 8:00. Then she emerges from her bedroom and goes into the kitchen to talk with her friends. They all assure her that she did the right thing, and that some kids are just too young to understand that their parents are only trying to do what's best for them. Then the doorbell rings, and Blanche goes to answer it. It's Rebecca! Both women start apologizing, but Rebecca quickly tells her mother that she was right, and she has dumped Jeremy. She thanks Blanche for helping her realize that she can do better. Thrilled to have her daughter back, Blanche brings her outside so they can chat and just be together.

In the final scene, which is either the next day or a few days later, Rebecca leaves for a second time. There is no mention of when she and Blanche will see each other again, but they are parting on good terms, which is the most important thing.