The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 14

Blanche's Little Girl

Aired Unknown Jan 09, 1988 on NBC

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  • Although riddled with comedic moments, the painful ones are a bit too much to handle.

    This show barely gets a "fair" ranking in my book, all because of the painful material surrounding Rebecca's boyfriend Jeremy -- a jerk written and portrayed so well as to become unbearable to watch. While certainly undeniable well-written and well-portrayed, comedy shouldn't be painful. At least not this painful.

    The comedy of the episode centers around Sophia's storyline -- she and her restaurant peers have had it with their superior, who happens to be a teenaged manager. They have a great once-for in the kitchen, topped by Sophia's line: "Would your own grandmother lie to you?"

    The drama of the episode centers around Blanche's daughter Rebecca, who has decided to reconcile with her mother after four years of silence. She returns to Miami, and her appearance is quite surprising to Blanche. Rebecca has gained weight, a lot of weight, since Blanche last saw her. Note the comedic lines by Sophia here -- certainly insulting Rebecca's weight, but never mean-spirited. This should be noted to clarify that the writers did a tremendous job differentiating between jokes and insults. Sophia's ribbing was comedic-spirited, and her personality backs this up.

    This is certainly not the case with Rebecca's boyfriend, an absolutely insulting and hateful man named Jeremy. He is made to look mean-spirited right from the start, and it works. It actually works too well. I find some of the scenes too painful to watch. This should never be the case with a sitcom.

    Actually, Rebecca has come to tell Blanche that she has agreed to marry Jeremy. Blanche does not take this well at all but is forced into silence since the last time she brought her opinions into Rebecca's life, they ended up not talking for four years. But Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia encourage Blanche to talk to Rebecca. Blanche continues to refuse, but Jeremy's incessant insults become too much for her to handle. Rebecca does not take Blanche's opinions well and leaves again. But she then returns realizing her mother was right (Thank God).

    While I admire the writers for their story and their convincing presentation, I can't ignore that the show is "not funny" enough to make the dramatic moments stick. Thus, this episode is a miss in my book. A rare "off the mark" for this series, Blanche's Little Girl is an episode I do not recommend.
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