The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 23

Blind Ambitions

Aired Unknown Mar 29, 1986 on NBC

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  • This episode is a good example of the girls always help each other out, no matter what.

    In this episode of "The Golden Girls", Rose's sister Lily comes to Miami to visit Rose and the girls after becoming blind. Not too long after the episode starts, we find Rose starting to mother Lily, reasoning that since her sister is blind, she can't fend for herself. However, with that particular part of the story, I really didn't like it that much, mainly due to the fact that there are people out in the world that think people who have lost their sight can't live productive lives and do things by themselves. But I have to say was an upside of it was how Dorothy and Blanche helped Rose see that she has to help her sister realize that she needs to learn how to do things on her own, and I thought that the ending of the episode was nice, with how Lily thanked Rose for pushing her to go back to being her own independent self, even if she needs her service dog to be her eyes. And lastly, another thing that I enjoyed about this episode was Sophia and how in her own way also helped Rose see that what she was doing with her sister wasn't helping Lily become independent again. In all, this was one nice episode that shows very well how the four roommates are able to help each other with their problems, whatever they may be.