The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1985 on NBC

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  • These four at a Madonna concert of all places. LOL

    Where do I begin with this episode. OMG I crack up every time I watch this episode. It is one of my top faves of the Golden Girls. The subject of this episode is a serious one but the Golden Girls made it just a little extra special with the humor. I think having these four going to a Madonna concert is just hysterical. Rose of all people should not be handling a gun & that is apparent in this episode. I cannot help but laugh at her when she comes home with the gun in her knitting bag. LOL Then her showing her target pratice paper & there is not one hole in it. LMAO My fave line is when Sophia is talking about all the things she has went thru & survived in her life & then says "One night I will belch & stable mable will blow my head off".
  • After the break in this shock Rose very much.

    After returning back from the concert.They discovered that their house has been broken in that someone had entered their houses and stole some things.This got Rose,very afriad of this.So she takes her chance to buy something to defend herself from the robbers if this ever happens again.However Dorthy tells her its best not to do it.Even though Dorthy tells her its not an good idea.She than scare Blanche's ex boyfriend with it.Rose tells the girls that she still has fear about it.Than she explained how she conquier her fear even though she accidently punch an parking lot attendent.This was an pretty good one.
  • You've got nothing to fear, but fear itself. And of course the boogie man.

    The girls return home from a Madonna concert to find that the house has been robbed. And of all of them, Rose takes it the worst of all. So, she decides to buy a gun to protect them. It was refreshing to see Rose dimwitted but with heart and see how she conquered her fear.