The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1985 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This is the only episode where the opening shows a shot of a body of water (presumably Miami Bay), though by looking at the house's location, it is not even near any large body of water.

    • Blanche claims the robbers couldn't sell Dorothy's stole because "nobody wears stoles anymore" however, just a few episodes earlier in the Pilot, Blanche borrowed this very stole from Dorothy to wear on a date. Furthermore, she wore it in the mid-June heat just because she thought it looked so fashionable.

    • Rose says that she's afraid of large dogs, but she has no problem bringing home large dogs in season two's "Joust Between Friends," and loves the fact that the girls bought her a large dog in season seven.

    • When Dorothy is imitating Dirty Harry, she says her gun is a .375 Magnum, one of the most powerful guns in the world. A .375 Magnum is a rifle, the gun referred to as 'one of the most powerful in the world' is a .44 Magnum.

    • In the parking garage, you can hear a woman's footsteps moving at pretty much the same pace throughout the entire sequence. Even though Rose walks, stops, speeds up, runs, and stops again, the footsteps don't really change and at times aren't even in sync with her steps.

    • After Blanche is attacked, she tells Dorothy she was wearing the wrong underwear. But in "The Custody Battle", Blanche admits she never wears underwear.

    • In this episode Rose shoots at that big floral vase that sits by the door and breaks it into pieces. In later episodes you see that vase sitting in the same place in perfect condition.

    • In this episode Rose is so afraid of the robbers coming back that they get an attack dog. They are all afraid of the attack dog who is in the kitchen, you never see the dog. Rose says that she can't go in the kitchen because she is afraid of large dogs... as you know in many episodes Rose brings dogs home, brings a dog to the hospital and is never afraid of Dreyfuss.

    • When Rose comes home from buying the gun, she says that they have a basement where they teach you to shoot the gun.
      I live in Florida and you can't have a basement in Miami or Florida.

  • Quotes

    • Sophia: I hate psychiatrists, they blame everything on the mothers.
      Blanche: Sophia, he didn't blame you.
      Sophia: You heard what he said, we're afraid because our mothers taught us to be afraid.
      Dorothy: For survival, Ma, they had to! What's a mother supposed to say? 'Don't be afraid of strangers'? 'Ride in their cars'? 'Eat their candy'?

    • Blanche: He seemed very understanding.
      Sophia: Pay me $85 an hour, I'll be understanding, and make you marble cake.

    • Sophia: (Talking about the psychiatrist's office) I was just glad to get out of there. The man had two dead fish in his tank.

    • Blanche: Well, this is not the end, I can promise you that. Justice will be done here! I hate criminals. I just hate 'em! Someone's gonna pay for this heinous crime! We're gonna have a good, old-fashioned hangin'! That's right, a hangin'! Only first we'll have a whippin', and then we'll have a hangin'! Nobody takes my mama's jewels without swingin' for it! Nighty-night.

    • (After Blanche says she found her jewels in the freezer)
      Dorothy: If you'd had your way, the robbers would of been beheaded.

    • Dorothy: So, what happens now? I guess you press charges right.
      Rose: Well, no. Actually not. He might press charges, though.
      Dorothy: Why?
      Rose: You see the guy that was moaning and screaming and groaning in agoney was the parking attendant.

    • Rose: I heard footsteps. It was my nightmare come true. Someone was after me. I ran, he ran. I ran faster, He ran faster.
      Dorothy: No.
      Rose: He grabbed my arm and I turned around and dropped him. Kneed him right in his safe deposit box.

    • Blanche: (Picking up the broken vase pieces) Just save whatever pieces you find, Sophia. I can glue it back together.
      Sophia: You bet. What ever I find. (Stashing piece in the potted plant) I love that vase.

    • Blanche: You shot my vase!
      Rose: I didn't shoot Lester.
      Blanche: I'd rather you shot Lester.

    • Rose: In my day, we didn't have therapy. We were too busy looking for food.
      Dorothy: Looking for food? (Turning to Rose) You mean, to take back to your cave?

    • Blanche: I've always heard psychiatrist could read your mind but he didn't do that.
      Sophia: Because there's nothing in your mind to read.

    • (Rose shows Blanche and Dorothy her target practice sheet)
      Blanche: Honey, there's no holes in it.
      Rose: I know.
      Dorothy: That's because they're all in your head.

    • (After Sophia comes out of the kitchen)
      Sophia: Some attack dog. He hid under the table, peed on the floor and ran out the back.

    • Blanche: I've got a date tonight and no jewelry to wear. Some scum's woman is wearing my mama's jewelry.

    • Blanche: I want a great, big wall safe.
      Sophia: You don't need one anymore. You got no jewelry.

    • Rose: How much for the deluxe system?
      Salesman: Ladies. We're talking about the difference between being here in the morning or being steak tar tare.
      Dorothy: How much more?
      Salesman: A bit more.
      Dorothy: How much?
      Salesman: $10,000
      Dorothy: I'd rather be murdered.

    • Salesman: For $600, you get a siren that your neighbors ignore but with our deluxe system, an armed guard is here within 5 minutes.
      Blanche: I want something that electrocutes an intruder.

    • Dorothy: Good night, Rose. Go to sleep, sweetheart. Pray for brains.

    • Blanche: What I can't understand is why they didn't take my Chinese vase?
      Sophia: Who would want it?

    • (After Sophia lets everyone know her clothes were stolen)
      Dorothy: Ma, Why in the world would they want your clothes?
      Sophia: Who knows? Short girl robber, travels a lot, likes drip dry. It's ok. I'm thrilled. I hated my clothes. I need new clothes.
      Dorothy: Ma, they didn't take them, you hid them. Where did you put them?
      Sophia: Maybe I buried them.

    • Blanche: I hid my jewels in the flour.
      Dorothy: Why did you hide your jewels in the flour?
      Blanche: Because I didn't think they'd look there. What kind of robbers look in the flour?
      Dorothy: That's the first place they look after the freezer.
      Blanche: The freezer's my other hiding place.
      Dorothy: It's everybody's. The robbers know that! They don't even open drawers anymore!

    • (Deleted scene not shown in syndication run)
      Blanche: (Peering through the
      kitchen door)
      They got my jewels.
      Dorothy: But I see they didn't get your cocaine.
      Rose: Oh, my God. Blanche has cocaine?

    • Rose: (Referring to the robbers) What'll I do if they come back?
      Dorothy: Show them your slides of Hawaii.

    • (After locking the patio door)
      Dorothy: This is .375 magnum. One of the most powerful hand guns in the world. It could blow your head off.
      The only problem is, I don't remember if I shot 4 rounds or 5. So, you have to ask yourself, do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?
      Sophia: Go ahead, make her day.

    • (After seeing that they've been robbed)
      Blanche: Shh. Shh. They could still be here.
      Rose: Who?
      Dorothy: The Supreme Court. Who? The Robbers.
      Rose: Is there more than one?
      Dorothy: I don't know.
      Rose: You said they.
      Dorothy: They. Him. What difference does it make?

    • Sophia: You have nothing to fear but fear itself....and of course, the Boogie Man!

    • Rose: (playing Scrabble with Dorothy) I win!
      Dorothy: Wait, Ma, wait. There is no such word as that!
      Sophia: There most certainly is.
      Dorothy: Fine. I'll look it up in the dictionary.
      Sophia: Oh no you won't, the robbers took it.
      Dorothy: The robbers took our dictionary?
      Sophia: That's right. Too bad.
      Dorothy: Ma, "disdam" is not a word! You made it up.
      Sophia: It is too a word!
      Dorothy: Fine. Use it in a sentence.
      Sophia: (pauses) You're no good at disdam game!

    • Rose: The name Madonna doesn't really fit her.
      Sophia: Slut! would be better
      Rose: Sophia!
      Dorothy: Oh, please, please! She did things on that stage I never did with my husband!

    • (after the robbery)
      Sophia: I'm going to my room.
      Rose: No, Sophia, you can't! It might be dangerous!
      Sophia: Please! I'm 80! Bathtubs are dangerous!

    • Rose: It's better with men.
      Dorothy: Oh, that's false security.
      Rose: No, it's not. I was safer with Charles. I was never robbed or murdered when I was with Charles.
      Dorothy: Look, you could have just as easily been robbed or murdered with Charles.
      Sophia: I'm surprised she wasn't murdered by Charles.

    • Dorothy: What happened?
      Blanche: She shot my vase!
      Sophia: Thank God. I hated that thing.

    • (After Rose shoots the vase)
      Rose: I heard a noise. I thought it was the robbers.
      Sophia: I manage to live 80, 81 years. I survive pneumonia, two operations, a stroke. One night I'll belch and Stable Mable here will blow my head off!

    • Blanche: Just as I entered the police station, I noticed that there was this cute officer there who had his eye on me. So I took out your hairspray and gave my hair a final spritz, only... surprise, it wasn't hairspray... It was mace. You had mace! Your hairspray was mace! I maced myself right there in the police station! I almost died! I fell to the floor, blinded, writhing in pain! Couldn't move for twenty minutes!
      Rose: Well what do you know? It works!
      Blanche: Works?! They thought I was on angel dust! They wanted to arrest me! I'm lying there dying and they're harassing me! Murderers are free, rapists are free, but a poor widow on the floor they try to lock up! Who'd I hurt? Me?

    • Rose: They were probably looking for drugs.
      Dorothy: We have Maalox and estrogen. How many junkies have gas and hot flashes?

    • Rose: (muttering to self) I'm fine, we were robbed, these things happen every day. Somebody could've been hurt...We could've been here, asleep, and they could creep up on us, and cut our throats.
      (Dorothy places a hand on Rose's shoulder.)

    • Dorothy: Now, honey, we were robbed. It's scary, but it happens. And now it's over. And the robbers are gone.
      Rose: I know, I know it's over, I know they're gone. But not for me! For me, in my mind, they'll always be here!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • (After locking the patio door) Dorothy: This is .375 Magnum. One of the most powerful hand guns in the world. It could blow your head off. The only problem is, I don't remember if I shot 4 rounds or 5. So, you have to ask yourself, do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? Sophia: Go ahead, make her day.


      This is an allusion/paraphrase from the movie Dirty Harry, and said by Clint Eastwood.  Except in the movie, it was a .44 Magnum, not a .375 Magnum.

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