The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 3

Bringing Up Baby

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1987 on NBC

Episode Recap

The opening shot shows a taxi pulling into the girls' driveway. Sophia comes in the door asking if she's at the right address. She lost her glasses and can't see a thing. Meanwhile, Rose has a strange expression on her face after receiving some news from home. Her uncle died and left her his baby. After talking it over with the other girls, she makes a decision that she will raise this baby there in Miami.

To the shock of everyone, the attorney for Rose's uncle arrives bearing a large pig – Baby. Blanche and Dorothy are completely against the idea of a pig living with them, until the attorney informs them that Rose's uncle willed $100,000 to take care of the animal. Not only that, the lifespan for a pig, according to the attorney, is 25 years, and Baby is 29. When Rose offers to give all of them a cut of the inheritance, the girls decide to let the pig stay.

Until Dorothy gets Sophia a new pair of glasses, Sophia keeps mistaking the pig and its sloppy eating habits for Dorothy. When the pig destroys some of Blanche's clothing and gets on the nerves of Dorothy as well, the girls are ready to turn him into ham. However, reminding themselves of the money in store for them keeps Baby in their tacit graces. Sophia says it's disgusting that they're willing to degrade themselves so much for money.

Rose reports that Baby is acting very listless. It's determined that he is homesick for the farm in Minnesota, and after much debate, the girls decide to send him back there so that he'll recover. Feeling self-satisfied that they did the right thing, the girls are stunned when Rose receives a phone call from back home: Baby died, and it was from old age. They are mortified that $100,000 just slipped away from them.