The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 8

Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

While the girls scratch their lottery tickets, Dorothy wins 10,000 dollars! While the girls celebrate their win, they makes plans to use some of the money to go out to dinner. Blanche stores the ticket in her jacket pocket for safe keeping. While the girls get ready, a man comes to pick up some items that the girls had planned to give to him. Sophia gives it to him along with the jacket. Dorothy, Rose and Blanche find that the ticket is missing. Sophia reluctantly tells the girls that she gave the jacket to the man. The girls head over the the man's thrift shop to buy the jacket before it is sold. However, they reach there a little too late. A hefty man had just bought the jacket. The girls try to convince the man to let them claim the ticket from the jacket but the man throws it to a guy in a limo. The girls face disappointment and excitement as the person in the limo turns out to be Michael J. Fox! The girls become depressed when they come home empty-handed but read that the jacket will be included in an auction. The girls go to the auction and reach there just in time to bid for the jacket. However, another man outbids them and gets the jacket. As it turns out, the man who got the jacket decides to donate it to a homeless shelter. The girls go to the homeless shelter, where they plan to find the jacket and the ticket from inside. While at the shelter, they talk with some of the people and find that they are more fortunate, even without the money. After everyone falls asleep, the girls spend the whole night looking for the ticket. They find it by morning but decide to give it to the shelter's director.

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