The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 8

Brotherly Love

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1987 on NBC

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  • A Weiss and Ferro gem

    Fredric Weiss and Jeffrey Ferro were not on the show long, but the two episodes they wrote together (plus their third contribution) were some of the best of the series.

    In Brotherly Love, McLean Stevenson guest stars as Stanley's brother. He's young, talented, and old-fashioned -- a stand-up guy to his older, less successful brother.

    It's of no surprise then that Dorothy happens to like Ted a lot more so than Stan. So when Dorothy greets Ted warmly, Stan, in his endless seek for attentions, asks: "What about me, babe?" Dorothy's answer is classic: "Go hug a land mine!"

    Weiss and Ferro were particularly good at the one-line insults. "No, Rose, Minneapolis, France!" "The man at Table 5, in the blue suit, is impotent. Bon appetit!" "She's Gary Hart's campaign manager. It doesn't pay much, but she doesn't have to get out of bed to do it." "What is this, Hamlet?"

    Ted turns out to be less than stellar with Dorothy, however, leading to her terrific exit from the restaurant/dance floor. This, of course, is after Dorothy "steals" Ted away from all-over-him Blanche. Ted is less than thrilled by Blanche's eager attitude, but nevertheless, this leads to a slight wedge between Blanche and Dorothy. Tired Rose to the rescue.

    This is one of my personal favorites given the unforgettable one-liners, but I also appreciate it because of its dead-on impression of the characters. Smart, mean, but vulnerable Dorothy; egotistical, sexually active, but well-intentioned Blanche; sweet, innocent, naive, dimmest-bulb-in-the-tree Rose, and sarcastic, insulting, but caring matriarch Sophia. Each of them had their moments in this episode (I thought Rose was especially well-written), and that's all I ask from a Golden Girls ep.