The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 8

Brotherly Love

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1987 on NBC

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    This episode is a kind of hidden highlight of the third season. It's very well written, the type of episode where every other line is good for a great laugh. The scenes between Blanche and Ted are very funny and well done, first when she's picking him up and again when she's trying to seduce him and Rose and Sophia keep interrupting. Great comedy right there! Another small but hilarious scene is when Sophia is trying to convince Rose that she's given her a sleeping potion and is really going to hit her on the head... "I don't feel anything, when's it going to hit me??" The scene at the dance club between Dorothy, Ted and Stan is also very amusing. One thing I never understood though... if Ted is impotent, what is he going to do with the stewardess that he's flying to Acapulco?