The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 12

Charlie's Buddy

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 1987 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Sophia mentions all the times in which she's helped Dorothy pick out a dress, and one of them is a prom dress. However, in season six, and on a few other different occasions, it is mentioned that Dorothy never went to her prom.

      The biggest goof from the episode is the war that Charlie and Buddy supposedly fought together in World War II. Rose as well as Charlie were born in 1930; so he would have been 11 when the U.S. entered into the war and unable to even enlist in the war. It is most likely the writers intended for Charlie to be a veteran of the Korean War like Blanche's husband George.

  • Quotes

    • Sophia: Dorothy, I was there when you needed a Communion dress, I was there when you needed a prom dress, I was there when you needed a wedding dress, and quite frankly I'm sick of it, buy your own damn dress.

    • (Dorothy and Blanche come out wearing the same dress)
      Sophia: Don't panic, get a third one for Rose and you can go as the Pointer sisters.

    • Blanche: Living with a man is immoral.
      Rose: Blanche, how can you of all people say that?
      Blanche: Being with a man isn't the same as living with him.
      Dorothy: You're right, living with a man eliminates the need for an overnight bag and a stop at the drugstore. I tell you if I had lived with Stan before we married I could've saved myself a lot of trouble.

    • Rose: Buddy asked me to live with him.
      Sophia: You said live with him?
      Rose: That's right.
      Sophia: Not marry him, live with him.
      Rose: Yes.
      Sophia: Two world wars, a Polish Pope, and now this.

    • Blanche: This whole thing about Rose giving Buddy money has me suspicious.
      Dorothy: It did me too, so I did some searching and after a couple phone calls found out that Buddy had just retired after 45 years in the military records service.
      Blanche: So?
      Dorothy: So, he never knew Charlie. He's using Rose to get money and it isn't the first time he's tried this.
      Blanche: No! But he knew all those things about Rose.
      Dorothy: He just knew she came from St. Olaf, everything else Rose probably volunteered. You know her, a stranger says hello and suddenly he's hearing the life story of Rose's Uncle Fingerbinger and his 60 pound rutabaga.

    • Blanche: Oh, Dorothy, this is ridiculous! Since when do you care about what you look?
      Dorothy: I think it was when I was climbed down from the bell tower and had my hump fixed!
      Blanche: Dorothy, this is a stunningly beautiful dress; people expect to see me in something stunningly beautiful!
      Dorothy: And what do they expect to see me in, Blanche, a yarmulka and a Hefty bag?

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