The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 16

Clinton Avenue Memoirs

Aired Unknown Feb 03, 1990 on NBC

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  • A very touching episode

    This is a sweet episode. A little sad, but still good. Really makes you think about getting older, and how scary it might be. So in a way it is kind of a "social issue" episode, but it's definitely not as preachy as some of the others in the series. It's touching, but not really funny... which is ok once and awhile. I love the scene at the end where Sophia is "visited" by Sal. As a couple, they had good chemistry. Actually the only complaint I have about the episode is the one flashback that Dorothy has, with young Sophia and Sal. That actress was nowhere near good enough to play Sophia, and didn't look much like her either. Overall it was kind of a dumb scene. They really should've left it out and put something else in its place. But it's still a great episode. It's too sad to be one you'd really watch a lot, and not funny enough, but it was definitely very well done and deserves credit for that.
  • Sophia is losing her memory, so she and Dorothy take a trip to Brooklyn to visit their old apartment. Meanwhile Blanche and Rose work on a health care survey for Rose's job.

    This episode is really touching and has a wonderful ending. Sophia forgets her anniversary and we find out that she is losing most of her memories. It really takes a toll on her and Dorothy. It's played for laughs, but has a real serious side as well. "I can't let this happen Dorothy.I can't loose my Sal, not again." This really lets you know how hard it has been to loose the one you love. When they travel back to Brooklyn we see the apartment that they lived in, complete with the new Puerto Rican tenant. The height charts on the wall, the old wallpaper are all reminders for Sophia, but they are not the heart that Sal carved on the back of the door that says Sal loves Sophia. Sophia swears it's in the kitchen and when it's not, she is really afraid that it's all over. When she goes up to the bedroom, she imagines Sal and has a very funny talk with him. He prods her into remembering.
    When she discovers the heart on the closet door, her spunk returns and you know she's going to be ok. As the show ends we see the heart and it brings a tear to my eye every time:-)