The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 16

Clinton Avenue Memoirs

Aired Unknown Feb 03, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This is the first and only time that we see Dorothy as a child.

    • Viewed by 32.4 million people, and ranked #4 for the week.

    • According to her DVD audio commentary on this episode, Bea Arthur said she came up with the idea to clamp her hand over Sophia's mouth when the Puerto Rican man answered the door. Arthur claims that it was almost completely automatic when she did this while filming, because the interplay between her and Estelle Getty had grown so comfortable.

    • In this episode Dorothy and Sophia enter Sophia's Brooklyn apartment and the front door is on the right side of the room. They cross over to the left side of the room and enter the kitchen. In previous episodes, the front door to the apartment was on the left side of the apartment and on the back wall near the stairs and the kitchen was through the door on the right side of the room that Dorothy and Sophia enter through. The layout of the apartment in this episode is also used in the 7th season episode, Dateline: Miami when Sophia tells Rose and Blanche the story of finding out Dorothy was pregnant by Stan.

  • Quotes

    • Young Salvadore: (to Dorothy) Your mother's had a rough week, first I'm called away, and then the baby's delivered by a cabbie.
      Young Sophia: Cesarean!

    • Young Salvadore: (about their new son) He's handsome, but why do you have him in Dorothy's old hand me downs?
      Young Sophia: So he wears girl's clothes for a while, what's it gonna hurt?

    • Dorothy: Here we are at the beach.
      Sophia: Yeah, Salvadore loved playing with you kids...why do I look so upset?
      Dorothy: Don't you remember, Ma? Pop was a big Jean Harlow fan, you hated it when he made sand breasts in front of the children.

    • Sophia: I hate getting old, you're always losing things, first its your eyesight. Then people are telling you to turn down the TV when you can barely hear it at all, and you could live with that. But this, Dorothy they're trying to take something from me that I just won't give. I can't lose my Sal, not again.

    • Bea Arthur: (on the DVD episode commentary, during theme song): I love the theme song. Charming.

    • Sophia: Isn't it great to be back in the old neighborhood, Dorothy? Watching the kids playing stickball on the corner?
      Dorothy: Ma, they were beating a man. That was sorta why I called the police.

  • Notes

    • This is the first time we see the kitchen and bedroom in the Petrillo's Brooklyn apartment. In previous episodes, Sophia would have many conversations with her husband Sal who was in the kitchen, but the kitchen was never seen.

    • Going by the episode title, we can assume that the street Sophia lived on in Brooklyn was Clinton Avenue.

    • In this episode, Sophia and Dorothy visit Brooklyn and see their old apartment! Also, some flashbacks of it from when they lived there are shown.

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