The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 6

Dancing in the Dark

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 1989 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Rose has been dating, Miles Webber, a college professor, but the only thing they seem to have in common is the dance floor. But when Miles invites her to a party, Rose feels like a fish out of water being surrounded by all his intelligent friends. Meanwhile, Blanche battles a dating slump.moreless

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  • 'Can you believe that backstabbing slut'

    One of the funniest lines in this one liner packed episode. Rue Mclanahan delivers the best performance in this episode. Blanche is going through a dating slump, which brings out her superficiality brillantly.

    'So long since i've been dipped'

    'I'm burning off my excess sexual energy'

    Rose is quite touching in this one. For the first time ever we get to see Rose self conscious and awkwards towards another person. Miles is in no-way rude to Rose, however his title as 'College Professor' and all his snotty friends cause Rose to question her capabilities. Rose is not necessarily the smartest person, however her unique brand of wisdom is what makes her such a strong willed person. Dorothy and Sophia are at their best when not involved in the Storyline and provide hilarious one-liners and zingy observations

    'There really is one born every minute'

    'Cabbage she feeds me, in a few seconds i could be sky riding.moreless
  • Can you believe that backstabbing slut?

    I really love this episode... It's nice to see an episode be this funny while still being realistic - it seems like a plot that really could happen to real people, unlike some of the episodes. You really feel for Rose and understand why she feels dumb around Miles, and not just because Rose is stupid, but as Dorothy says, anyone might feel out of place in her situation, dating a college professor. I love the relationship between Rose and Miles, it's no wonder they kept it going for the rest of the series. They're quite charming together. It's also funny to see Blanche in a dating slump. I love the way she tries to steal Miles ("Can you believe that backstabbing slut?") and it's great that it doesn't work. I also enjoy watching the last scene where all the girls are dancing with someone at the dancing club. This episode is very sweet and lovely to watch.moreless
  • I really liked this episode.

    What a great line when Rose calls Blanche a "backstabbing slut" right after she begged Blanche to go out with him. I felt so bad when Dorothy kept using her smarts around Niles. The night was supposed to be about Rose. Although Rose was sad for the most part of the episode, I felt for her, which made up for her lack of comic presence in this episode.
G.F. Smith

G.F. Smith


Guest Star

Mimi Cozzens

Mimi Cozzens


Guest Star

John Ingle

John Ingle


Guest Star

Harold Gould

Harold Gould

Miles Webber

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Towards the end of the episode, Rose tells Miles that she doesn't understand what a metaphor is, but in the season 3 episode "Dorothy's New Friend," Rose apparently knows what a metaphor is because she tells Dorothy, "Her well of knowledge has run dry."

    • Viewed by 31.0 million people and ranked #5 for the week.

    • If you notice when Blanche is getting up to get ready to go out with Miles she almost falls down because she is stepping on her long nightgown.

    • Sophia says that Dorothy was unmarried and pregnant when she was 20. However; in several episodes it is mentioned that Stan got Dorothy pregnant when she was 17.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Rose: It's just ground up pork and cabbage.
      Sophia: Cabbage she feeds me! In fifteen minutes I'll be skywriting!

    • Dorothy: Rose, you are not stupid, you just... march to a different drummer?
      Sophia: Yeah, the little wind-up monkey banging on the snare drum.
      Dorothy: Ma!
      Sophia: I was agreeing!

    • Blanche: Rose, Miles called again. He wants you to meet him outside the concert hall.
      Rose: I asked you to tell him I'm not going.
      Blanche: I'm not gonna do your dirty work for you, Rose.
      Rose: Well, I don't wanna talk to him. He makes me feel foolish. I don't even feel comfortable telling him St. Olaf stories.
      Dorothy: I want to know exactly what he said to make you feel that way.
      Rose: Look, I'm not going out with him. You go, Blanche.
      Dorothy: What!
      Rose: Well, you like him, I know you do. So you go.
      Blanche: Well, I couldn't!
      Dorothy: Of course che couldn't!
      Blanche: You stay out of this Dorothy.
      Rose: Well, why not? It's all over betwen us. He'll know that tonight.
      Blanche: It's impossible. I'd feel like a... like a...
      Dorothy: A backstabbing slut?
      Blanche: No.
      Rose: Please go. For me. I'll feel better knowing this thing is finally over with.
      Blanche: Well, since you put it that way. But only as a personal favour to you, honey. I guess I'd better go get dressed
      [Blanche exits]
      Rose: [to Dorothy] Can you believe that backstabbing slut?

    • (Rose runs off the lanai)
      Miles: She sure left in a hurry.
      Sophia: Hey, who told her to feed me cabbage?

    • (Rose describes what she put in the dinner)
      Sophia: Cabbage she serves me, in ten minutes I could be skywriting.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Although this is the first appearance of Miles Webber, Harold Gould had previously played one of Rose's beaus (see "Rose the Prude"). Their relationship was one of the few on the show that lasted more than an episode, thanks to great chemistry.


    • Dorothy says "There really is one born every minute", which subtly alludes to a quote by P.T. Barnum (of Barnum and Bailey's Circus fame), which says "There's a sucker born every minute."

    • The title is an allusion to Bruce Springsteen's 1984 hit song, "Dancing in the Dark."