The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 6

Dancing in the Dark

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 1989 on NBC

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  • 'Can you believe that backstabbing slut'

    One of the funniest lines in this one liner packed episode. Rue Mclanahan delivers the best performance in this episode. Blanche is going through a dating slump, which brings out her superficiality brillantly.
    'So long since i've been dipped'
    'I'm burning off my excess sexual energy'

    Rose is quite touching in this one. For the first time ever we get to see Rose self conscious and awkwards towards another person. Miles is in no-way rude to Rose, however his title as 'College Professor' and all his snotty friends cause Rose to question her capabilities. Rose is not necessarily the smartest person, however her unique brand of wisdom is what makes her such a strong willed person. Dorothy and Sophia are at their best when not involved in the Storyline and provide hilarious one-liners and zingy observations
    'There really is one born every minute'
    'Cabbage she feeds me, in a few seconds i could be sky riding.