The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 15

Dorothy's New Friend

Aired Unknown Jan 16, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • While Barbara, Blanche and Rose are chatting in the livingroom, Dorothy comes out of the kitchen with a coffee pot preparing to serve. Barbara then claims to have a previous engagement and starts to leave. Dorothy says "Oh that's too bad" and she mistakenly has one hand on the handle of the coffeepot and the other on the "hot" part.

  • Quotes

    • Blanche: Hi, Sophia! What are you cooking?
      Sophia: I'm making lunch for a guy down at the Center.
      Blanche: Oh! Is he cute?
      Sophia: Cute? He's 84, he doesn't have a hair on his head or a real tooth in his mouth, and his body is covered in liver spots. (pauses) To answer your question, he's adorable!

    • Dorothy: Nothing interests me. My life has just become dull and boring.
      Sophia: Where's that sense of fun, that lighthearted laughter, that "devil may care" attitude?
      Blanche: Sophia, when was Dorothy ever like that?
      Sophia: Never. I've been asking her these questions since she was 12!

    • Blanche: Dorothy, you can help it that you'll dull and boring. God did that to give the world some variety. Otherwise, everyone would be just like me.
      Dorothy: And there wouldn't be enough sailors to go around.

    • Rose: Barbara Thorndyke is coming here? Wow! I've never met a real author before.
      Blanche: I have. I once stood in line at a bookstore for Arnold Schwarzenegger's autograph!
      Dorothy: You know, when I think of great literary figures of our time it's usually Faulkner, Fritgerald and...
      Blanche: And Schwarzenegger. Yeah.
      Rose: Did he sign your book?
      Blanche: Yes. But only after he refused to sign my thigh!
      Dorothy: He was probably intimidated to see a thigh bigger than his.

    • Dorothy: Rose, sweetheart, this Friday I can choose between rubbing elbows with Norman Mailer, or doing the hokey pokey in a horse costume with your behind in my face.
      Rose: Well, which is it going to be?

    • (after Dorothy says that she is going to an experimental theatre downtown)
      Blanche: Somebody dragged me to a show there one time. Three men paraded around the stage for five hours talking about God and eating graham crackers. They wore masks to cover their faces, but other than that, they were totally naked.
      Rose: And you stayed through the whole evening?
      Blanche: Well, I would've left, but one of the actors looked so familiar to me... But it was hard to tell since he had such a small part.

    • Blanche: Rose, what was your first impression of me?
      Rose: I thought you wore too much makeup and were a slut... I was wrong. You don't wear too much makeup.

    • Blanche: Rose, you can't believe everything you read in that rag.
      Rose: Then why do you buy it?
      Blanche: Because it's the only one Elvis will talk to from beyond the grave.

  • Notes

    • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche, grabbing each others hands after having made up.

  • Allusions

    • Rose: I can't remember hearing anything more clever. Unless it was last week on ALF, when the cat next door...

      Rose is referring to ALF, a sitcom, which was airing for its second season at the time.