The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 21

Dorothy's Prized Pupil

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 1987 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Rose talks about Grandma Nylund's 100th birthday. First off, Nylund is her married name, and this would be Charlie's grandmother, yet this woman is depicted as some Scandinavian Viking, which would fit with who Rose's relatives are, but not Charlie's.

  • Quotes

    • Rose: (to Sophia) Where are you going?
      Sophia: The President's in town, so a bunch of us are going to his hotel to see his wife. I just loved her in Father Knows Best.
      Rose: Sophia, you're a little confused, honey. That was Jane Wyatt; the Present was married to Jane Wyman.
      Sophia: That old crow from Falcon Crest?
      Rose: Well, it doesn't matter, they're not married anymore. Now he's married to Nancy Davis.
      Sophia: The one from All About Eve?
      Rose: That's Bette Davis.
      Sophia: The one who beat her kids with wire hangers?
      Rose: No, that was Joan Crawford.
      Sophia: The fat cop from Highway Patrol?
      Rose: That was Broderick Crawford.
      Sophia: The president was married to Broderick Crawford? And Mondale still lost, what an idiot!
      Sophia: (to Blanche) Blanche, who is the president married to?
      Blanche: Nancy Reagan.
      Sophia: Of course, the thin one he helps out of the helicopter. (points to Rose) This idiot thought he was married to Broderick Crawford. Get some help, Rose!

    • Dorothy: I read somewhere that in America, you always felt you were among friends.
      Mario: That was just a story.
      Dorothy: I think it's a true story.

    • Rose: What kind of movie is this?
      Audience man: Rip his throat out!
      Dorothy: It's a musical.

    • (Dorothy is reading the article about her and Mario in the newspaper)
      Dorothy: Oh look, my picture is in there and everything.
      Blanche: Oh, let me see it!
      Dorothy: No, I look terrible!
      Blanche: It can't be that bad! (looks at the picture) Oh God that's ugly

    • Rose: Would you like a snack, Mario?
      Mario: Sure! Thanks, I'm starving.
      Rose: How about a nice herring sandwich on raisin bread?
      Mario: Um, gee, would you look at the time? I'd better get going!

    • Dorothy/Blanche/Rose: Surprise!
      Sophia: (grabbing her chest) Louder next time. My heart's still beating.

    • Sophia: Dorothy if I live to be a hundred...
      Dorothy: I know, Ma. No surprise parties.
      Sophia: No, promise me you'll get enough money for us to get an apartment together. These two are driving me crazy!

    • Blanche: How does my dress look?
      Sophia: What does it matter? It will be crumpled on the floor next to a bottle of Jack Daniels in two hours anyways.

    • Dorothy: (while watching a violent movie) Woah! I'm sorry I just didn't realize that tearing a man's nose off would leave that big a hole!

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